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energy point system

Guest tearose

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Guest tearose

We all somehow try to come up with a way to live with or inspite of our varying levels of energy. I was asked to explain what I do... Please share what you do too!

When I wake up in the morning I take a sip of water and take an overall inventory on my physical strength. Did I sleep well? do I feel weak or lightheaded? Can I get some food into me or do I just start off with some hot coffee? Then usually at the kitchen table, I assign a number of points to my energy level I feel I have. I use a scale of 100-1000 for any given day. I allocate about one point per minute of activity. This means anything that I must exert energy for. Taking my shower, doing dishes going to the market all count! At the time I started doing this, I felt it would give me enough of a range to live in. To explain a little more...think of one hour of an "activity" as 50 points.(I allow 10 minutes per hour to be "free/recharge" time that's why for me, 50 points is equal to one hour) Try to get a feel for what you want to do in any day and budget one energy point per minute of activity. You have to get a "feel" for your body and what is reasonable for you. This will come after a few days of trying this. The awareness has helped me to not "overspend" my energy and face the next few days of inevetible fatigue that will follow.

After a few months, I saw a pattern, I typically need between 2-4 hours for my morning ADL's (activities of daily living), 1-2 hours for sleep/nap/rest, 2-4 hours for food procurement/preparation, and 1-3 hours for misc. chores or errands. I suggest you focus on how you "spend your time" and you will see how you spend those precious energy points! did I explain this well enough? I never had to write it up, take care, tearose

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oh tearose!!!

thank you for using your precious energy "points" to post that!

do you make yourself take those 10 minutes of each hour and rest or meditate?

i like that whole system a lot and think i will try to implement it.

i do think though i might have to fiddle with it a bit...i.e. the environment i am in or the activity i am doing might make something have higher points....i.e. today i actually WENT out to lunch with my mom...more exhausting though than being home for that same number of minutes/points. you know?

i do need to look at ADL, food stuff, rest time, etc. and COUNT them, no say i didn't do anything....b/c as you know, some days the fact that you get up and get dressed and eat something is a BIG DEAL!

i would like to hear how others use this point system too! you sound a lot like me in that ADLs, food time, and rest take up a lot of the day! i also have to watch and maybe schedule in points for something i look forward to or enjoy...not just the sick stuff or daily stuff, you know?

well, thanks! i am off for my nap time! :D i have to have that 1-2 hours in the afternoon or i am a disaster!


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I think that is such an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

I find that the daily activities (eating, chores, showering, working at home, taking care of my son) take up pretty much all of my energy! There are those rare days when I am able to do a lot more, but I too am learning to live within my limits. And that afternoon nap...priceless!!!

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My "activity" points (suggeted by home care nurse) are similar to what Tearose describes except that as I have gotten better I am not as exact counting as I used to be in the beginning. When I wake in the morning I do an assessment of what is going on with my body while I am still in bed drinking my salted water. It doesn't take long to know whether I am headed for a 500 or 1000 point day. If I have had difficulty sleeping, I can substract 500 points right away. Without a full night's sleep my day is shot before I ever get out of bed. (BTW I have a rule that if I go 2 nights in a row without restful sleep I take something to sleep the next night).

Over time I have an idea the combination of activities I can choose from on a 500 day versus a 1000. Emily, to your point I make allowances for AWAY from home activities as well as a cumulative days effect -- if I am doing too much too many days in a row, I will need to drop back for a few days.

I have found activity points useful for me in learning to manage to my abilities but to also reassure myself (and friends/family occasionally who ask) WHAT did I DO all day long?

Hope this makes some sense! It is a heavy brain fog evening....must have UNDER budgeted my points today (LOL)

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Hi Tearose,

Thank you very much for sharing this system.

Like Geneva if I don't sleep well I can split my total energy points in half when I wake up in the morning. Then if I have outside activities I have to multiply by 3, ie eating in the restaurant = 300 x 3 = 900 points. I cannot do outside activities 2 days in a row because I need to recuperate and do only minor activities on the recuperating days.

When I went to university I needed to nap 2 hours every day but now I only need 20 minutes. I never realised that studying was that expensive until I graduated!

This is a very interesting topic and I hope that more will share their experience.


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