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I went to my son's baseball game....on top of being so emotionally toiled lately(crying never helps me). ANyway...it was 95 degress...we sat in the sun...I had to go to the bathroom which was about 1/2 mile away...the bathroom was hot, smelly, the air was stagnant. I got so sick. Then I had volunteered to do a group (I was working my my masters in counseling psych when I got sick). The men in the group went on and on...I kept thinking, I am going to throw up and then pass out and then have a stroke. I barely pulled myself in the door.

Why can't I force my body to do this stuff..boy do I feel awful...I know the other lady at the grooup place must have thought I was lazy...I bolted right after the group...didn't think I could drive home...I can want to do things...I can even picture myself doing them..but then...well..my body won't pull it off.

Just venting...


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I really understand how you feel..It's really sad when we can't do the things we want to do anymore and we feel angry about it...

then it make the whole problem only worse... right now I'm in bed having a yard sale. My heart is bounding right out of my chest and

my head is hurting so bad and I'm on pain medication. I haven't eaten all day because when I do I throw up or it goes right out the other end.

Now I have to get rid of most of what I own as I'm being put in a power wheelchair another thing I need help with input with under another post.

But, I don't get it, people keep telling me they will help me and never follow through. I can't keep doing all these things, but I want to.Yesterday I had

hydration and a cortisol stimulation test looking for a Pheo again and that test flared my Pots so badly again. My heart rate just standing 134

and sitting 108, the headaches, chest pain and if I mentioned it to anyone it's the ER and forget it they don't even know what I'm talking about

because the ambulance is going to take me right down the street and they are bad!!!

So Sister Potsie, I hear you loud and clear. If you ever want to just rant and rave please just email me as I find it helps to vent with a friend.

That's how I make it through my days. I get by with a little help from my friends...

All this here anyone can just google and read. Have you googled yourself lately?

I hope you feel better ASAP.



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Hi Erika,

I hear you too, and I wish that I had an answer for you and for all of us! If it was a case of mind over matter, we would all be out conquering the world :rolleyes: I always worry about other people thinking I am lazy or selfish too, but just remember that no one can pass judgement on anyone unless they have walked in their shoes and anyone who does judge is breaking a golden rule... The best thing you can do is try to be as prepared for everything as possible and make as few commitments as you can. I know it is hard and a frustrating way to waste your talents, but I think it is the best we can do. But rant and rave all you need while you're here on the forum though - we all understand and feel your pain. Believe that somehow, someway, if we all just pray for each other and fight for each day with all we've got, then we will make it through one day at a time... or more like 5 minutes at a time! Hang in there. I am sending you a hug.

P.S. I laughed when I saw the suggestion to Google yourself... thanks for keeping humor in all of this, BellaMia!

~ Broken_Shell :)

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I surely feel for you. I too have had to miss so much of my Children's lives in relation to their sports playing. It plagues me with guilt... In my logical mind I know it's not my fault but it doesn't make it hurt any less. They should put off all sports until Winter time! lol. I see the looks other parents give me when I do get to come around like oh she shows up now! It may be my insecurities but I doubt it! It's strange having a place to get what's really happening out in the open and TALK about how bad I'm feeling instead of covering it up. I am so used to keeping it inside so my family doesn't get sick of me, it's nice. I hope you have better days ahead. I'm also always here for anyone who needs to rant.. venting helps

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Sorry! So frustrating. Sporting events are exhausting. Bathrooms are 99% of the time disgusting ... I had to go in the port-o-pot today with my 2 year old at soccer. I left the door wide open and kept telling her "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING" My son keeps asking "can you play basketball with me yet" and it just breaks my heart. I've been better about being honest but I still blame that one on my back problem because I know the line of questioning I'll get if I tell him the real problem and I don't have the energy for that one right now. Hope you get to feeling better. I feel your pain!!


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I hope you are doing better... this guilt thing can be hard. I remember dragging myself to my daughter's band concert and I thought I was going to die! I try to think of all of the good things that I do.... I LOVE my children. I LISTEN to them. My children are also less judgemental and they are learning to care for themselves. I still "manage" our household- even if I am not doing much of the labor. I hope that you are feeling better and just remember how important you are just because!

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the heat really kills us. our bodies can't cope. and actually, high heat and humidity is hard on anybody--just some people have more reserve to bounce back. living in a desert climate, I can tell you a lot about heat and its effects. temperatures in my city get up to 50, which is like boil your brain, but its dry totally dry so you don't feel like its 120 degrees. It makes you nauseous though, especially if you make the fatal mistake of eating or drinking in the heat, especially drinking something cold even just water. We've vomitted from that before, when we first moved here. it just flips your stomach. try to stay out of the heat...it also makes us dehydrated and that's hard to come back from if you are a salt-waster and cannot maintain proper blood volume to begin with.

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