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Rats ... can someone fix my poll?


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No I don't think you can edit a poll--Michelle (or someone) will have to delete it for you or edit it? You have to put each option on a different line when you write out your poll, which I guess you now realize!

Just a comment on your question tho--colic is soo common in the general population that it may be hard to make any connection to POTS.

Interestingly, I have read that colic is more common in the US and industrialized countries than in developing countries. The possible reason, I have read (see Our Babies, Ourselves--very interesting book--a compilation of pediatric ethnographic studies) In our culture, we don't touch, hold and caress a baby as much as a baby is handled in non-industrialized cultures.

In non-industrialised cultures, children are carried all day and slept with all night. In our culture, they spend much time in cribs or other contraptions.

ALSO, I think there is probably a connection of increased colic with bottlefeeding as opposed to breastfeeding (right, Jessica?).

I wonder if the handling associated with being carried so much, breastfed and slept with, affects development of the nervous system? Maybe that's where the connection is? Who knows.


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I got a good giggle out of the yesno poll :) Hopefully Michelle or Nina can help you fix it.

I'll have to ask my mom about the colic thing. I don't know if I had it as a baby, but I do have food sensitivities to this day and I would be curious to see the correlation. Colic is not so much an illness itslef, but moreso a name for "the baby is crying a lot, and obviously in pain, and we don't know why".

There can be a lot of reasons for it- Katherine, yes breastfed babies do have a lower incidence, but occasionally we do see cases where an exclusively breastfed baby is obviously uncomfortable- usually can be ruled out by dairy products or other culprits in mom's diet, though- or an underlying health problem (i.e reflux). I actually learned that colic is becoming less common as we advance medically- new reasons for it have come out in studies even in the last 20 years or so and we're finally able to help these poor little ones figure out what causes their upset tummies.

I also think Katherine is right...we don't carry our babies in this country nearly as much as others do, it seems that fear of spoilage seems to instill fear in new parents everywhere. Even just getting started on my degree in Maternal Child health studies, I have learned so much already about our culture versus others who do hold their babies and stay close to them 24/7 until well into toddlerhood. This does make for more "content" babies (thus reducing the incidents of colic), but our culture has gotten carried away with playpens, swings, walkers, strollers, heartbeat sound thingies, etc...anything to substitute real human contact.

Okay I tend to go off on these tangents so I will stop now...bottom line...I think colic as a baby could possibly be tied to health problems down the road, taking other things into account as well. I'll be curious to see how the poll turns out.

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