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Pacemakers And Coumadin

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Yes, I have a pacemaker and the first year with it I was on Coumadin for my atrial fib. This was about 3-4 years ago. Obviously, I still have the pacer and am not taking Coumadin any longer.



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Well, I think a pacemaker is what I'll need because they are taking Norpace off the market. Been on it about 7 years. Back then I was offered Norpace or a pacemaker. The Norpace worked great.

Now, since I have had Hepatitis C for over 30 years I don't think I can take Coumadin. Because my liver doesn't function normally and because my PT is not normal either.

Don't know how things will play out, but as I mentioned on a different thread I'm worried about being able to work and having seizures in front of my daughter.

It seems to me that the pacemaker is guaranteed to prevent bradycardia, which is my problem.

My EP is running tests and then will offer his opinion. He prefers med changes- I think.

thanks again

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Yep, Morgan has a pacemaker.

Have you found out any more about the Norpace - as I posted in your other thread I think it is a supply problem due to the generic not being made but that the branded Norpace will be available as soon as they can make enough to get it onto pharmacy shelves.


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thanks Flop,

My Pharmacy said they are not making it anymore- the brand and the generic. Another patient t at my EPs told him the same.

We could still be misinformed tho. My EP wants me off it now because of the side effects and might let me stay on if the tests he ordered come out good.

I now have right bundle block and I think he thinks the Norpace caused it. My PCP would definitely not order the Norpace if the EP says no.

Sooooo I'll have to let things play out. With this process I'm starting to rethink that Norpace is the best option. Most especially I was 2 1/2 hours late this am taking it and I did not collapse. Normally I take an immediate release Norpace if I'm the slightest bit late. Not today, I took the CR which takes 3 hours to get up to levels. So far so good...........

The SNRI is helping me BIG time. For the first time in 7 years I can stand still and not get symptoms. I posted elsewhere that Pristiq is helping my NCS and OH.

I have been totally dependent on the Norpace for 7 years and it's hard to change that thinking. But it might be time.

I appreciate your interest and help tho. I'm getting separated and taking my "mildly" autistic 13yr old daughter Nov. 4. So I'm feeling very vulnerable right now.

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My dad has a pacemaker and takes a baby aspirin a day - he has A-Fib. My mom has the same problem and a pacemaker and she uses Plavix. I have a pacemaker for Sick Sinus Syndrome and I do not take anything.

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