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New Blood Results - Need Help

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Hey Everyone-

I've been getting regular saline IVs now for the past 3 months or so. Today, due to me looking like crap (and feeling par for the course) they did a blood draw. Couple things that aren't making sense and are worrying me.

1)Even though I push myself to eat CONSTANTLY my glucose level was 62! This is maybe 10 minutes after eating. My last blood draw (6/13/09) also had a low glucose (72), but I was hungry, so I brushed it off.

2) My potassium is dropping out. It was 4.5 in June, now it's 3.6 (just high enough to be "normal").

I have a feeling these two things are why I'm feeling like crap, but I don't know what to do about them. The nurse doesn't know what to do with the blood sugar and told me to call the dr. Well I won't get an appt for a month, and I'd like some input sooner than that. Thoughts would be helpful. I do have a large pituitary, so I'm wondering if that might be it or if this is just normal for a POTS/EDS patient.

Thanks everybody!


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Potassium and Sodium have an inverse relationship: too much sodium will cause your body to dump potassium and vice versa. If you are high on the sodium intake (saline IVs), your potassium will drop, maybe you need to take a balanced sodium that has potassium with it. What was your serum sodium? I know when I am hypernatremic I feel like crap and have a wicked headache. As for the hypoglycemia, maybe you should see an endo. You may have a condition due to your pituitary that causes you to secrete too much insulin.

Get it checked out!


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