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Mighty Mouse!!


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I so thought of you today. On the way to the doctors this morning here comes

racing besides us the cutest Volkswagon bug. First of all Neon blue with major MIGHTY MOUSE!!!! murals all over the thing. Too bad I didn't have my camera. But I so thought of you!! They even had Mighty Mouse on their windows. It was the cutest!!


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I love little cars... the bug, the mini cooper...and if you'be been to Europe, the smart car, which I'm completely obsessed with. The SmartCar is very affordable when compared with a small U.S. vehicle, and gives better performance and safety (is Mercedes/Swatch joint venture).

Wanna see one? Of course you do :huh:


and they'll be here soon too! :)

article from forbes:


article from edmunds:


Yes, I know. I live in my own little happy world :) but it's nice here. ;)

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Smart makes several cars--a roadster, one called the fortwo (the smallest, and 2 seater), and one called forfour (four seats). The forfour is slotted for sales in the US.

I love the citroen! :huh: One of my schoolmates dad's had one.

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