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A New Revelation For Me

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Gained a little insight today....

Bald-faced Hornets can fly faster than a power wheelchair on its highest speed.....Ouch.....LOL

Although the power chair can make quick maneuvers, my vertigo doesn't deal with it well and leads to a whole new set of problems.......

Everyday for the last two years has been a wonderful learning experience...NOT. :P

Good thing I learned to have a sense of humor a long time ago. But I am really not finding the carniverous flying insects that amusing right now.

Any bee, wasp, hornet, or other flying insect repellent tips? Apparently I can't outrun them.


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Ouch- Sorry! The only advice I can think of is to use unscented products (especilly in the spring & fall), don't eat outdoors (they love to check out people food & drinks), and to do your best to stay away from where they are- easier said than done :P .

Gentle hugs-


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:P Thanks Julie,

Good idea on the unscented products, I hadn't thought of that.

It was sooooo tempting to go outside today. It is about 70 and the sun is shining, which doesn't happen all that often in the Pacific Northwest. I am so cold all the time it sounded so good to sit in the sun for a minute to warm up. If it is too hot I can't go outside so I wanted to take advantage of the temperature and the sun but in the end it kind of wasn't worth it.

Each day I learn a little more about how to cope with this stuff. I just have a hard time anticipating things sometimes.

Thanks again,


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I have a spray bottle that is a mixture of soap and water that I use on things that don't go in my dishwasher. I take it outside with me when I am weeding my flower garden or when hornets are scoping out my front door area to nest. If you spray them with it, their wings get too heavy to fly and they drop to the ground. I stomp on them when this happens, you might have to wheel over them.

I like this better than insect spray which I think is as deadly to humans and insects.

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Most bugs that are horntes, wasps, bees are really not that aggressive--unless you're disturbing their nest or touch them/swat them (of course, with the exception of the very aggressive africanized bees aka killer bees). I don't know of any repellents that work on those guys. Even on foot, at my fastest, they could catch me if that's what they wanted.

For care afterward, you can make a paste with water and meat tenderizer powder and put it on the sting and it will help with the pain and swelling. Currently, I'm tasty to mosquitos even when I'm doused in DEET. I'm covered in bites... feet, toes, legs, butt, back, forearms, ribs, fingers, neck...

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Use unscented products & don't wear anything bright & flowery. Keep a fly swatter nearby. I find with dys/POTS scented products start my sweating, migraines, passing out etc so my house is fragrance free until a guest reeking of perfumes upsets everything. Another reason I hate hornets is they kill the butterflies & dragonflies. Hornets are vicious.

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