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Veritable Olympic Training And My Coaches

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Hi Fellow Athletes,

I'm Tachy Phlegming. Like my namesake, Peggy Fleming, the ice skater, I love (the) ice.

The physical sporting events in which I excel are a little different from Peggy's and despite my preferences (I love the cold dry air of the ice rink), I perform maximally in hot humid climes.

Over many years, I have become a very serious competitor in my various communities in heart racing and nose running.

As I have boasted to friends, I have done endurance training in the above sports for days, weeks, months, and even years at a stretch to the point of collapse and where I felt like I would die.

I would not have done such intensive training if I had any choice in the matter. But some of my coaches (by amazing coincidence, their first name was always "Doctor") thought that endurance training was good for my character. They made statements which, in essence, boiled down to "What's agonal suffering if you're a champion heart racer?" After these profound words, I couldn't keep my nose out of it. (Yes, that is a double entendre). :P

Here are my numbers:

Heart racing: 135 (even with fluid overload).

Nose running: 12 mucus/phlegm expulsions/minute.

It seems that many of you have also been in intensive training for years and that some of you may even have times that surpass mine.

I am surprised that I have finally found people who can really compete with me as the various places in which I have lived have been (apart from me) apparently bereft of such unusual physical talent. My coaches, educated in the finest institutions in America, were completely unable to fathom the provenance of my physical fortitude and it appeared to me that I was unique in the world.

I'd love to hear some of your numbers in the above events (and any other sports in which you are competitive, e.g., swooning, special movements/day, voidings/day). (You can tell me your endurance in days, weeks and months too).

Despite my (admittedly geographically limited) great renown for the above physical prowess and the fact that other talent of my caliber is apparently heretofore unknown in the locales in which I have resided, I'm ready to stop training because I am fast approaching my dotage. :(

Therefore, it could help me to tell my coaches about your stats. I think they will be less interested in keeping me in tip top(ple) form if they know that other people can do exactly what I do. ;)

Looking forward to knowing your stats :( ,


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Alas, my competition days are over, as are many of the good athletes put out to pasture here! :( We retell old stories and support each other as much as possible even though we come from many different sports.

Anyway, as far as stats go, there are several old polls with far more info on numbers. USE this site, poke around, ask questions...often it will have been answered if you search through old posts (we keep all that in the loft with the trophies!) Welcome to our strange and wonderful extended dysautonomic family! We are sorry that you are here, but happy that you found us!


Supine: HR 45-60 BP 90's-100/50's-70

Upright (still): HR 99-140 BP 100-120/80-105

Upright (moving): HR 99-200 BP 100-140/70-130

Arms above head: HR 99-170 BP all bets are off (170's/150's)

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Points for such creativity! Like Firewatcher said, sorry you're suffering, but we're glad to welcome you to the Forum.


Supine: BP 90-95/60-65 HR 60

Standing (still): BP 65-75/55 HR 110-140

I'm positive for POTS according to Tilt Table Test, but also have Orthostatic Intolerance and heart problems, including dilated cardiomyopathy and bradycardia = pacemaker.



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Welcome to our exclusive club! You have a great gift for writing creatively and using your talent to describe what all of us here go through everyday. I'm glad you found the forum and look forward to reading what else you have to write. Hope you can keep up your spirits as you keep running the race with the rest of us, but if not don't be afraid to express the need for support, because this is the place where you will find the best support team around.


Surpine: don't keep track of bp

heart rate: standing anywhere from 100 to 170 depending on time of day

Arms above head: wouldn't think of doing that!


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I'm a bit of a PIAN FLEMING sort meself... international man of mystery and frequent bathroom visits. Race-day hydration is a challenge, you know :)

I'm from the tortoise bradycardus species racing amid a pack of hotfoot fluffytails that test positive for steroids (fludrocortisone, at least)!

Supine HR: 40's & 50's most often (60's if lucky and after some good coffee)

Standing HR: 110-130

Intermittent othostatic hypotension

I'm not a nose runner... one has to "pick" one's specialty and that isn't mine... I'm pretty good at "glucose diving" though. You might have your coaches check your abilities in that sport yourself, if you show an aptitude.

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I don't take my bp while working out, but my heart rate resting and supine is 60 to 70. Working out, it's easily in the mid 130s, at times spiking up into the 160s. I've gone higher than that, but that usually means I'm about to faint so I lay down or crouch before that can happen and it will drop down into the 130s again and then slowing get down to about 85-90 for my upright resting bp. My seated bp while driving to work usually runs 100-110 until about 1/2way there, then my meds kick in and I'm back down to 90.

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