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Is This Blood Pooling? Engorged Veins

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OK this might sound wierd i don't know. Today i am having a "bad" day and i noticed something. I get very full engorged veins in certain areas. Examples would be, laying down i felt a fully / puffy vein in my temple. Standing up the vein in my head went back to normal, then my veins in my feet felt engorged puffy. I sit down my feet return to normal, i start palying guitar then a vein in my hand becomes engorged. Is this blood pooling, what is this ?? It seems to be directly related to position. If i lift my arm up the puffy vein in my wrist becomes smaller. If i put my hand down it becomes engorged again.

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Depends - this can be a normal reaction and your bodies reaction to this (norepinephrine release to constrict veins) is abnormal, or it could be the primary problem.

I thnik they have found that there isnt actually pooling as such, but either increased or totally decreased venous filtration into surrounding tissues

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