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Symptoms During Sleep?

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I get symptoms sometimes when I am sleeping. I'll try to explain.

I feel like I have the flu, not enough blood to my head, weird, like I would suspect if my blood pressure were too low or narrow. I can't find out if this is actually the case, because I'm sleepy and am not checking my blood pressure. I also am exhausted even though I'm laying down. Now, these feelings are while in a semi-conscious, not awake, state. Then, if I actually need to get fully awake (because it's time), I'm really exhausted, don't want to move, and use all my strength of will to get moving.

The interesting thing about having these symptoms is that in my mind I might think that "staying in bed" or "resting" would help these feelings, BUT, it's actually the reverse. I need to get up to alleviate them. They may not be alleviated totally. As a matter of fact, I might feel worn out all day, but staying in bed is definitely counter-productive when I feel this way.

It's almost like my body cannot adjust to too much laying down, just like it can't adjust to too much of being vertical.

Oh, yeah. If I keep my room really cool via an air conditioner or it happens to be winter, these feelings are more likely to be present. I find it interesting, both the feelings themselves, and how being cooler exacerbates them.

Does anyone else notice something during sleep? Any ideas about this?

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Absolutely! I totally understand what you are saying! I wake up in the middle of the night weak just feel horrible all over. Hard to describe kinda achy flu like.. for me though its heat. If I get over heated at night it's worse so our house is always like 68 or 70 degreese... but I totally relate to what you are saying. Strange..

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I'm the same, yes. And you're right, the more hot I get in the night, I can wake up and have POTsy attacks where the room is spinning, my head is thumping, I feel sick etc. It's like the blood has completely stopped moving.

The problem with moving around for me is that it makes me feel so ill (hot, sweaty, breathless, chest pain) but then once it accumulates and I get better at moving around, I feel much better - POTS-wise. It's just pushing through that initial barrier that is painful and strenuous (even just walking down the street) and most of the time I can't be bothered to put myself through it, even though I know that it pays off eventually.


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I do get the 'flu' feeling at least once or twice a week. Sometimes I'm in bed, sometimes it's during the day when I get up. There are many mornings that it takes everything I have to muster the strength to just get out of bed. If I do spend most of the day in bed, though, the next day I seem to have more energy...Does that happen to anyone else?



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