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Random Act of Kindness


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Thought I would tell you about a random act of kindness. My grandmother who is 83 takes me to a lot of my appointments since my husband works. We have a travel wheelchair that we use. Now yesteray after the blood draw she was taking me back to the car. I got in and then this man walked by and said Let me get that for you mam and put the wheelchair in the trunk for her. Said have a nice day and got in his car and drove off. It was so nice! We had to get the travel chair becuase she could not lift the regular wheel chair into the trunk. I can't tell you how we struggled with that one day in a parking lot and people just walked by. So this man helped us and it made our day. I know he is not going to see this but I thank him!

There are sopme kind folks in the world!

Stacey :-)

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Guest Julia59


I love hearing stories like that. It's rare to see people like that these days, so it's always wonderful to see those random acts of kindness.

We have a man somewhere in this town who does random acts of kindness all the time. He is wealthy and has helped many people in financial need. We know this one elderly couple who used to life next to us. The man has congestive heart failure from a massive heart attack he had years ago, and his wife has her share of health problems. They are in their 80s and just recently had a little condo builty for them. We still keep in touch with them. Anyway they have this 1993 New Yorker in pretty good condition---(A pretty car), but it needed some work. They had it fixed, but the bill ended up being 100 dollars more.

This man just handed them 100 bucks for the balance of the bill. The elderly couple refused, but the guy said take it---I want you to have it. This couple told us that this guy has done this on many occasions.

One special guy..........

Julie :0)

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That is so wonderful! Isn't it amazing how little it takes to make your day?

I was involved in a car accident yesterday (very minor, thankfully) and there must have been at least 50 witnesses, not even ONE of which bothered to stop and see if we were okay or needed help. Sigh...

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As part of one our church's programs, we try to one act of random kindness every week. I am a big fan of our local humane society, we help collect cash, towels, blankets, toys and snacks for the shelter once a month. Our local Wal-mart donates two hundred towels (big ones) about a month and a half ago. We often help people in the parking lots, just like what happened to you. I guess we are lucky in SD, most people here are still pretty nice about that. This Friday, we are taking everything that couldn't be sold at the huge sale of my brother's things to one of the local shelters that helps get people into their own homes and off the street.

There are still some good people out there and I thank them all! Just as much as I thank all of you.


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After my dad died about a year and a half ago -- and after being in hospitals daily during the several months prior -- I promised myself I would do at least one nice thing like that every day. Many days pass by and I forget or am not presented the opportunity (like the days when I don't leave the house because I am home with my daughter), but I really do try to hold doors for people, pick things up when people drop them, pick up litter, etc.

It makes others' lives so much easier and makes me feel good too. I also think it sets an example for others, so that everyone remembers that we are all on this Earth to help each other. Thanks for sharing.


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