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GI issue


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The last few days have been a GI nightmare (again) and I have been wondering about something that maybe someone can help me understand. I have several different GI discomforts and most I know what is going on, but I have this pain that feels like nerve endings "dangling" down from the inside of my abdomen....a 3 or 4 inch wide band that goes all the way across, left to right. If I push in on the area, NOTHING, NO PAIN or tenderness, but this "raw nerve" feeling is still there.

I am wondering if it might not be my dysfunctional ANS in some hyper stimulation mode. I get hyper stimulated from just about anything. The reason I am thinking about it coming from the ANS versus a "true" functional GI problem is because when all the stimulation (lights, noise, dog, TY etc) goes away and I am in bed, the problem will go away at least 90%.

Does this make ANY sense to anyone??? I am seeing a GI for the first time this week and I am sure he will think I am crazy trying to ask about this so I feel safer to test my question with all of you guys. Beside you all know more! thanks

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Sometimes I get that kind of raw feeling across my upper intestines/abdomen, especially if my POTS symptoms are bad that day. But I think since the ANS controls so much of our gut processes, I always chalked it up to poor digestion due to POTS. I'd be interested to know what your GI says.

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