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Seeing A Specialist At Stanford Next Week For Pots

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Hello -

I want to make this trip worthwhile...the only new patient times they have is 8am and I'm horrible in the mornings so I have to write everything down and take it with me. Plus, I have to drive myself so I'll be tired, anxious and POTsy.

I'm currently on Mestinon, Midodrine, and Inderal + my allergy medications. Is there something that could possibly help further (such as an SNRI)? Anything else that's working on some POTS folks that's worth discussing?

I know I need a new ANA test and really want to get a blood test for Hashimoto's as I've had a lot of those symptoms. Anything else that should be a high priority for me?

Any other suggestions are welcome as this is who I'm seeing instead of Grubb because of my move, so it's my 'big visit.' I'm stressing about it so want to make sure I'm ready.

Thanks! =^..^=

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Just have all your records and I think she'll know what course to take! She'll talk a LOT with you about everything and go over how you feel, so study up on how to describe your day and how you feel in certain situations =) I can't really think of anything else. Tell her comparisons of how you feel on certain meds....diet can be a good thing to discuss cause that can give her some clues on how you feel after certain meals.. Hmm. I'm sure you'll be fine! I'm excited for ya!

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Thank you! I'm getting my packet of medical info together.

At least I've tried so many medicines I'll have a lot to talk about with that...

I do have a new symptom the last few weeks. Very bad morning stiffness, muscle pain, daily muscle aches, etc. I've done some research and it sounds like Fibro (Which can be related to ANS diseases). So I'll see what she thinks. You get something improved, then something else pops up!

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