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THANK YOU! i needed that boost of knowing someone's thinking about me! i am glad i logged on quick tonight!

oh man...that stuff tastes terrible! my caregiver person, jodi, was the best cheerleader though and distracted me the whole time...but, it wasn't COLD! if you want it cold you have to pick it up ahead of time i guess. now, if everyone likes it better cold, why don't they just keep it that way there!?

i tolerated the iodine injection fine too.

anyway, i made it through (kept my eye on the prize, merrill)...

i had diarrhea afterwards, but not till i got home, and have horrible pains that i think are gas from that junk! yum, barium. the tech tried to tell me some people like the taste of it! eek!

anyway, i woke up at 3 am last night with the same SEVERE pain, nausea, etc. that i had when i went to the ER a couple of weeks ago. i took percocet and zofran and still lost all of my cookies and the pain stuck around.

so, it was good that i was scheduled for the CT scan, b/c the pain is really, really extreme...nothing like i have ever experienced before.

i really thought that everything would go so smoothly since i was so well-prepared! but, instead i had another "attack"...

like all of us when we get testing...i don't know whether to hope they find something or not! but, i think i hope they figure out the problem!

well, i rambled on an don more than i suppose anyone really wanted to know!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE TIPS AHEAD OF TIME! I FELT BETTER KNOWING THE POSSIBLE OUTCOMES...and was prepared when i did get upset tummy afterwards.

i am just hoping that i will get some rest tonight and not have anymore "attacks"!


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Oh, Em, my heart goes out to you! I'm going to hope they get to the bottom of this; the extreme space you're in right now just isn't your version of "normal." Try to relax, smell something soothing and beautiful (lavender? vanilla?) and look at pictures of your summer vacation--hard copies or see yourself in that place in your mind's eye. And the magic word: Wait! The answers will come. Breathe.


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Emily, the BEST part is that the test is over and behind you. I know the feeling about what to hope for but I think you are right to hope they might find out what is causing this pain so that you can get some relief. Did they let you know when you would hear your results?

Rest today and I like Merrill's idea of something pleasant to smell....I like peppermint oil when my GI is messed up...it also helps with nausea.

Keep us posted!

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I agree, at least the test is over. It sounds like you did great. I'm impressed you handled the iodine OK. I always feel weird with that stuff.

I hope you get some answers and that you get some relief from the pain. I'm sorry that you are continuing to be in so much pain.

Keep us posted when you get your test results.


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Guest Julia59


I'm so glad you came though the CT scan OK------it's not the best, but better then it could have been. I'm so sorry about the pains you are having----YUK-----and the nausia----YUK again. But this should soon pass and you should have some kind of answers.

Take this time to rest and think positive thoughts--- :) . I remember when I had my CT scan in the beginning of all my mess. I really didn't do too bad considering how bad I felt. No nausia-----not really any reactions. My pains were more like a colic type pain------and I was sure I had gall stones or something. Nothing was found other then the diverticuli in my small intestine near the jejunem--(spelling) :P .

I'm praying for you to feel better. Take care of yourself, and try not to worry too much. Maybe focus on a good book or movie. My son and I watched a movie that was really good-"Almost Famous" with Kate Hudson. Brought back memories of the 70s for me----this was my fun years......

My son loved the movie so much he bought it. He brought the movie to my house last night and I made dinner for My son Mike and my husband Ron. My husband was running late and didn't get done with his postal route until 6:00----so he sat in his postal clothes to watch the movie. He really liked it-----even though he is an 80s man---LOL.

Take care of yourself----hang in there.....

Julie :0)

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