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Took My Hr While Laying Down And Then Standing...

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Hi! Yesterday I took your advice and got my wrist cuff out and made sure to take my BP/HR when I woke up before I even got out of bed and directly after upon standing. The results were this:

Lying Down: 89/52 with 56HR

Upon Standing: 84/53 with 88HR

Now I took it again later on in the afternoon and all I had was a 10bpm increase in HR. So my question is can it just happen in the morning? I dont even know what a "normal" persons HR does in the morning. Maybe I should have my husband do it so I can see what his is! On another note, I saw a new chiropractor who did some really different (from what I'm used to) adjustment and I slept a 100 times better last night. He says there are these specific numbers of vertebrae that are directly linked to the nervous system...any of you had improvement after seeing a chiropractor? He used some sort of percussion instrument.

Have a great Tuesday!

Thanks so much!


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Definition of POTS is increase in HR of 30 bpm or more from sitting to standing--so it is possible, but only a specialist can diagnose. It is not unusual for this response to only occur at certain times of day or only some days. A specialist would likely look at other symptoms too, especially for determining treatment.

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