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Strange Headaches...


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I have noticed the last week or so on and off i get these wierd headaches, im not sure what starts them but they seem more apparent after eating, and after activity. Its been on the right side of my head lately, its usually most noticble as eye discomfort and also ear discomfort. For example it feels my right eyes vision is dimmed but it reallly isn't and my ear feels like its getting muffled occasionally. The pain is usaully on the side and the back side of my head and is moderate/mild and feels very hot a flush. Feels like alot of pressure on my eye. Does anyone else get headaches like this, any ideas? I also have noticed occasionally a wet feeling in my ear as if ther eis water coming out of my era or something...

Another strange thing about this i just posted a thread awhile ago about how every headache i had was on the left side, now its flopped sides! It seems with more eye and ear pain on this side. SO with that i can probably be safe its not a leaking aneurysm or a brain tumor i would hope!

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