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Gtt Blood Test Strange Results..advice??

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My daughter did a 5 hr gtt test... endo says results are normal....

pathologist thought they were weird..

sending them off to our prof..but cant until insulin draw results are ready.

early a.m 2hrs before test only med taken

test start pt. 96 fasting (5.30)

went to 238 after an hour (13.4)

then 230 after half hr (12.6) same med taken between this 12.6 and before 9.7

then 170 -do- (9.7)

then 140 -do (7.9)

then back upto 201 after half an hr (11.2)

then 154 after an hour (8.6)

then 92 after an hour (5.2)

then 64 after an hour (4.0)

does this really look normal???????????????

she was ill the entire time from taking the glucose..nauseous.. symtoms varied with high and low readings.. these are our tests results.. which were in line with pathologists..awaiting confirmation

took the gtt as she has been getting light headed, , nausea and bad heads.. but now she has developed a sudden ravenous hunger.. at times.. followed by a light headed feeling as if she hasnt eaten in days.. the hunger doesnt go away when she eats.. she is ill if she has sugars, carbs are now a problem again, which we had been managing..

any ideas??? (on food or results!!)

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I have metabolic syndrome/pcos with a normal 2 hr glucose tolerance test and a very abnormal Insulin tolerance test. I've done a lot of research on these things. How old is your daughter? What is her weight like?

pth is the parathyroid gland. It will be interesting to see the insulin results. They should have done a insulin draw along side each glucose draw. Glucose and insulin work together. Think of it as glucose is the passenger and insulin is the car that take the sugar into the cell. Thus when the cells become insulin resistant the glucose can build up in the blood. The pancreas then pumps out more and more insulin to compensate. When the pancreas can't do this anymore and fails you become diabetic.

Since she is having trouble with food, she should try eating a low glycemic index diet. These are foods that don't turn to sugar as fast in the body. Stay away from the simple carbs. I even have some trouble with the complex carbs, especially if they are the first thing I eat in the morning. I try to start with some kind of protein. I try to have a cup of warm herbal tea (lemon ginger is good) it settles the stomach too, or warm broth in the morning, if the tummy is acting up.

If you haven't already make sure you get your own copy of the lab and doctors notes. Also you can google anything I've mentioned here and more info will pop up that you can see if it fits your daughter.

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my daughter is 19 and is now about 120 lbs approx 5 ft 7 she is eating no sugars, next to no carbs and we are doing low gI stuff at the moment.. cant control the nausea or light head at the moment.. she was doing great on the octreotide, but we have hit a bump at the moment..awaiting the insulin results ..the sudden hunger really gets to her!!! gwen

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what is your daughters calcium level? I have low vitamin D, and high parathyroid hormone. At first I was told I have a tumor on my parathyroid gland, but they said I have seconary hyperparthyroidism because my D is too low my parathyroid is over producing. My calcium was normal.. if my calcium was high then that may have meant I had a tumor on my parathyroid, which is easy to remove. But my treatment is supposed to be very high vitamin D. And believe it or not this causes a lot of probems. Sorry but I don't know anything on the blood sugar, but wanted to tell you about the parathyroid.


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