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Ok I've Had Enough

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It all started with the emergency root canal last Monday. I was feeling better after it was done, but then BAM, constant unbearable pain. I was like an Advil addict, counting the hours til I could take some more. I had a prescription for Vicoden but was afraid to take it due to odd medication issues. I'm guessing the stress of being in so much pain set off the POTS symptoms. I wasn't able to get out of bed except to stumble to the bathroom. Then, the tooth area became infected. So I was put on an antibiotic and told to keep taking the Advil. Then, I developed an upper respiratory issue. Not sure if I have flu, a cold, or just my body revolting against me. I have been having tachycardia of about 130 lying down, fevers, etc. I am SOOO tired of feeling like this. Doctors don't seem to be too concerned... Guess because it isn't them feeling so lousy. My poor DH is at his wits end.

I don't know why I can't have a procedure, or a cold, like a normal person. These things always render me bedridden. Well, I guess I do know why, but it is so frustrating that any little thing gets multiplied when you have dysautonomia.

Anyway, sorry to vent. Just needed to get it out.


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Sorry Angela,

It's really a bummer to get these things happening to a person who doesn't have dysautonomia. It's so much worse for us, and I can only imagine how awful it must feel laying down and still having a heart rate of 130. I feel really terrible when my HR goes over a 100bpm-------------and that's when I'm not sick.

It's not right that your docs don't seemed concerned. You have an infection for crying out loud, they need the use caution, and keep a close on on things until this passes. I've had dental work, and it's pretty rough for me too. Fortunately my tooth extraction went smoothly for the most part at the time, but unfortunately I think further damage was done to my cervical/cranial junction----just a little more insult to an already unstable area. Not much can be done to avoid this with a tooth extraction.

I DO hope you get treated with a little more respect with this, as having dysautonomia and having major dental work isn't a good mix.

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers for this to pass quickly for you.


Maxine :0)

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Hi Angela,

Sending hugs... just keep reminding yourself that inevitably things just HAVE to get better at some point. I hear you though... Murphy's Law applies to your body big time when you have dysautonomia :)

~ Broken_Shell :)

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I know exactly what you mean. I have asthma along with POTS and when I get a cold or flu I go down hill really fast. Fevers just completely lay me low too. It's amazing how fast I can go from feeling "normal" for me to feeling like I'm dying.

I will say a prayer for you to feel much better soon. It won't last forever, but I know it feels soo bad now.

By the way, I'm from southwestern Ohio too. My cardiologist is in Cincinnati.

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