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Feels Like My Eyes Cross


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Do any of you ever have this sensation? I've blamed it on migraines & thyroid but can't really say what causes it. When it happens it feels like my eyes actually are crossed & locked in that position but DH says they are normal looking. If I cover either eye I can see but if not everything is jumbled looking. I've mentioned this to neuro's b/4 & they just give me "the look". After I close my eyes for a few min everything clears but my eyes have a dull pain & sometimes I have a dull headache for a few hours. Thanks.

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I have something called a "latent squint" it means that most of the time my eyes are in perfect alignment but when I am not focusing they slide out of alignment and cause double vision. An ophthalmologist tested me using a "cover-uncover test" when I was in my teens. It showed up the squint and the doctor explained that it was due to a slightly tight eye muscle, when I focus the other muscles pull the eye into line so he said I didn't need any treatment for it.

Usually it doesn't cause any problems but when I am either tired or feeling very POTSy then I get double vision . The movement of my eye is only by a millimeter or two so normal people just looking at me can't tell that there is a problem. The cover-uncover test was really easy. The doctor got me to focus on something far away and then quickly covered over one eye at a time. Apparently when he covered the "normal" eye the other eye "jumped sideways" so that it was then looking at the object.

Perhaps seeing an ophthalmologist would see if you have a similar issue?


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My eyes actually don't converge like they should. If I try to cross my eyes, they won't...well one won't. My Opthamologist also gives me "the look" so I went to a neuro-opthamologist who took me seriously and said everything was fine. I think there is an occularmotor nerve problem, but then with dysautonomia what nerves are NOT affected? <_<

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