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Gi Symptoms-bad Flare Of Something

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Hi folks.

Gi symptoms necessarily arent a new thing to me. But I'm wondering if you fellow pottsies get really severe diarrhea and vomitting a week or so before your period? I've had 4 periods in the past 14 months.. and every time 5-7 days before my actual period starts.. I get sever diarrhea.. like water (sorry for graphic details) and I'd say I probably go up to as mant times as 10 times in an hour. And Up to 40+ times a day for days at a time (5-7). Once my period actually starts the vomittimg and dirrhea stop. POOOF! just like that

When I first started getting like this ( last spring 08') I only had the severe diarrhea.. a few small bouts of vomitting.. and a flare of course in syncope and presyncope.. and other pots symptoms.. pots flare is normal. But last month when I had my period.. the symptoms where so severe that it landed me in the ER barely able to move, my BF had to keep wheeling me to the bathroom.. embarrassing for sure.. but necessary!

Anyways this last bout.. has to be by far the worst its been to date... i had projectile vomitting.. over and over again, and there was no controlling the diarrhea. I had muscle fatigue to the point that I couldnt barely move by myself. I ran a fever, and had various swollen joints. And trouble breathing.

I was tested for the flu and virus.. that was not the case. considering that i've gotten like this before before my period.. only not this severe.

I was wondering if you folks get this to this exstent?

ALso for the last month or so now, When i go from a laing to sitting or sitting to stand.. almost immediately i feel the urge to puke.. some times i do sometimes i do not. and with the positional change comes diarrhea.. bad in its own right.. but not as severe as what hits before my period.

im running dehydrated alot obviously, and am just hydrating at home. I had a horrible ER visit when i went last month and am just done with ER rooms. regardless of how bad im feeling.

any help or insight would be appreciated



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Hi Dizzy Girl,

I am so sorry for what you are going through! I have to tell you though that in the past year and a half I have developed GI symptoms that fluctuate with hormone fluctuations, mostly nausea and diarrhea. For the past few months, I have been trying to find a hormone regimen that will shut my hormone cycles and bleeding off, but have had a lot of problems with bleeding to the point that I was in the ER getting fluids and had such a drop in my hemoglobin that there was talk about a blood transfussion! However, the incredibly frustrating thing is that being on combination estrogen and progestin therapy DID stop the GI flares. With all of the bleeding, I have had to change hormone doses and regimens a lot to try and get the bleeding under control, and every time I make an incremental "cyclical" change in hormone levels, I am getting the GI symptoms back again. Promising and frustrating at the same time! I haven't found any hormones that agree with my body in terms of keeping the bleeding under wraps yet, but I will keep hunting if it means keeping the GI flares at a minimum. Good luck to you... maybe talk to your OB/GYN about hormone therapies if you'd like to try and shut down your cycle to see if it makes an impact on your symptoms.

~ Broken_Shell :rolleyes:

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thank you for the input.. i hope that you too find relief!

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I get nauseated and usually have diarrhea right before and sometimes the first day or two of my period, but nothing to the extent that you have it. I'm sorry that it's been so terribly difficult for you. I'm siding with Broken Shell...you need to visit your gyn and look at trying to stop your period and/or adjust your hormones. For myself, being on the pill has helped with my symptoms quite a bit. Are you on a pill? Perhaps a different combination of estrogen and progesterin would help. I sure hope you get relief soon!



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