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Happy Birthday to Me...


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Hello All!

Well, today is my big 29th birthday!

I just needed to post for a little support! I am trying to make the day as good as possible and have been surrounded by a lot of love so far today...

Still, I am just struggling a bit, like Stacey was on her birthday...

I am feeling so awful right now, it is hard to enjoy the phone calls, etc. You know?

I was really hoping for a "good day" today, but that didn't happen...I feel like i could just fall over in the bed right now.

I am just feeling a bit sad...thinking about the fact that I have spent almost all of my 20's sick...and am still pretty much homebound...ugh! Also, thinking about the whole marriage, kids, blah de blah....

Mostly though, I really just wish we could get a "free pass" or something for our bdays and not feel sick on them! well, I wish we wouldn't feel sick ever, but if we have to be sick a little break every once in a while would be nice! I asked for a new, working body for my birthday, but they seem to be unavailable! :P Oh well, I'll keep working with this one I have!

Anyway, enough whining...thanks for letting me vent that. I really needed that. Birthdays are like this great thing, this great celebration of who we are, but also, they make me a little sad.

I really wanted to say THANKS to all of you....my post heading was supposed to be like the happy birthday song...la la la la...can you hear it? he-he.

I have only been on this site for a few months now, but I am GRATEFUL TO ALL OF YOU EVERY DAY for your words of wisdom, compassion, kindness, empathy, etc. etc. I can't think of enough adjectives. This site is always a "safe place" to go, to be when the rest of the world seems like it doesn't "get it" or even when you need to know something more technical. So, on my birthday, I just wanted to thank all of you for being such a blessing in my life. People here amaze me everyday with their generosity...i feel a bit guilty whining right now about my birthday b/c i know you are all going through yuck too!

So, my mom helps me keep my "playful spirit" alive...hope this makes you all laugh. I have been teasing her that she wouldn't buy the game candy land for me when i was a kid. So, she got it for me for my birthday...it is such a riot. I think it will be just my speed given my brain fog these days. he-he. :) She also got me an electronic hand-held hangman game and a word find book. I may be getting older, but I am still going to have fun! :) Now you will all probably think I am crazy! But, it's the little things that help! And I still love to play!

My dad and stepmom took me for a little drive to see the countryside and fall colors which was nice (except for the fact that i was trying to hold my head up... :) ) but it was so nice...the country is so pretty in PA! okay, so i am a little biased....I took some pics and hope that they will come out so I can put one up on the DINET picture site.

Okay, I really am done rambling now. I just needed to touch base on this day with you all here at Potsplace!

Later alligators!


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happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

happy bithday dear Emilyyyyyyyy

happy bithday tooooooo youuuuuuuuuuu!

I'm hitting 34 in Feb. I also spent most of my 20's "sick". And have your party on a good day. A few weeks ago I went to my mom's with the thought of doing some sewing, ha, all we did was be giggly kids. I felt great and exhausted by time she got me home( we sat in the driveway laughing like idiots for about 10 minutes before she could drive, my dad stepped out to see if there was something wrong and just turned right around and pretended we we gone.)


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Happy Birthday Emily! I am so proud of you for keeping your always bubbly and positive attitude going today :D It sounds like your parents made sure you had a nice b-day, and that's awesome!! Even though at times it may seem never-ending, please remeber that spending much of your young life feeling icky has undoubtedly made you a stronger person with more appreciation for what matters in life, which as we know most 20-something-year-old completely lose sight of. As a 22 year old myself, I consider this a gift that most people, in the entirety of their lives, will never receive. May you go through life with the knowledge that you were chosen to be one of the few who gets the time to stop and smell the most beautiful of roses. I have high hopes for your future- we are still young and there is plenty of time for doing the things we wish to acheive in life. Plenty of time for dreaming about your family...children...mortgages...all the good stuff. For now just live in the moment and enjoy your day (or night, should I say!!).


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Hey, chica, congrats! Happy happy day to you, my friend, my fellow bird, gator, sympatico buddy. (And thanks for your beautiful letter--I've had a waaaaay too busy weekend and I need another one just to rest up before heading into another workweek. Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to write you back, but I intend to... Promise!)

Thanks for letting us know that today's your b-day so we can celebrate you in fine style and with a hope and a wish and a prayer for healthier days this year.

I was born on November 29, and I vividly remember turning 29--my "golden" birthday--I hosted a b-day bowling party. I have great pics from that night...my hair was a helluva lot darker back then--and BOY was I SKINNY. A wonder I could stand upright!

That's all beside the point--we were talking about YOU, lovely lady! I'm so glad you got out for a bit to see some fall color--that always does the spirit good... take it all in, the calls, the cards, the posts...even if they're brief, they're all for you!

So happy day, and happy days ahead.


(PS candyland is an all-time favorite of mine, and I love games and puzzles too! You're never too old for fun!!!! :D:P;)B)

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Happy Birthday!!!

I'm sorry that you were not feeling great today but it sounds like you were at least able to go out for a while. I know what you mean about wanting a free pass on our birthdays as far as feeling well.

I'm glad you were able to take a drive and see the fall colors. For me that always seems to make things a little better.

My husband and I now have a ritual on my birthdays. If I feel fine, great. We'll go out and celebrate. If not, Oh well. Takes the pressure off of feeling like I have to feel good. In fact we do that for all holidays now.

Hope you feel a little better tomorrow.


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Emily, HAPPY, HAPPY birthday!

And I LOVE that you got Candy Land for your bday. When my step daughter visits, we play Connect 4 (tic tac toe) over and over and it is so fun to engage in simple games that make you laugh!! c BTW can't you just picture your mom at the checkout counter and someone sees the game and asks who it is for and your mom says, "my daughter who is turning 29!!"

You have such a loving spirit Emily and I wish only the best for you during your 29th year. I think bdays make us more reflective and therefore we have to examine the good and the bad. I am sorry you had some bad moments today.I have started reading THE POWER OF NOW for the 2nd time and it reminds us throughout the book that there is only today...we can't change the past or determine the future but we can make the most of today. Sounds like you did just that today and I applaud you!! You are very strong.

Rest tomorrow. Best wishes.

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Guest Julia59

Happy Birthday Emily!!!!!!!

For your birthday next year---I'm wishing for you to feel much better----In the meantime you have held yourself up through thick and thin------and you still manage to keep a good attitude. Your quite a person-----and a good person at that.

Julie :0)

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Happy (belated) birthday!

I am so glad you have such wonderful, understanding support from your parents.

I didn't realize at my 29th birthday that "aging" has its benefits, definitely. And, one of many things we don't have control over is the passing of time--only how we choose to use it.

You have lots of time to get well and have a marriage and a family and do many other wonderful things.

I wish you much better health in your year, and years, to come.


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Happy Birthday Emily!

You may be a year older but you are still very young. You have a lot of birthdays to look forward to and they will not all be spent feeling bad from POTS!

Now more than ever before the future is rosy for people with POTS. When I was your age they didn't understand anything or that POTS even really existed. Now we know so much more and there is more and more knowledge coming all the time. All the trials at the NIH and all the docs who are seeing only POTS patients and learning from them about what works and what doesn't.

The future is bound to be better for all of us. And horray! that it is happening while you are still so young.

Take the very best you can get from this day and smile smugly to yourself because you know it will get better, not worse.

Michigan Jan

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you all made me cry!

my 29th year is off to a bit of a rough start...so i really needed that boost from all of you! i am so glad i checked in tonight...i am feeling lifted and encouraged by you all...

you are all right that i have time for my dreams to come true...and right now...i will take it one day at a time and keep HOPE!

and i will focus on all of the love i am surrounded by!


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