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Does Anyone Else Get Symptom Paranoia?


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An example of what i mean is, say you get a headache, and you start thinking well what if i have a brain aneurysm or a brain tumor or whatever? Since i never had a MRI i start thinking how could i possible know? Then of course everything you read online about disorders like a brain aneurysm for example is very broad and doesn't really ease anything. I seem to find myself with a dysautonomia dx that i feel paranoid about everything! Sometimes i don't know when to chill or or when to be serious about myself.

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I think almost all of us gets this at one time or another, especially when dysautonomia is new to us. And, sometimes it happen that our paranoia's happen to be true. I have had some unusual problems that are associated with the symptoms, so if they last long enough, I will usually check them out, instead of dismissing them as 'paranoia' - with common sense, of course.

Hope you have a good Monday,


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Well, I've been this way for a long time, so I tend to be rather dismissive these days. I gotta tell you, though, that in the back of my mind, I believe that someday I will probably die of either a heart attack or stroke because the symptoms are so like those that I experience everyday. This isn't really a stretch as both heart disease and stroke are leading causes of death...it's just that in my case, I doubt if I will be the lucky one who makes it to the hospital on time to get necessary treatment.

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this is my thoughts about how we get paranoia:

that's when you're spending too much time online. often we read the worst cases that frighten us. We read information that we really don't know how to understand. I started to do it the other day about getting a potacath, then i said STOP! I was reading all this scary stuff that I did not need nor understand. I told myself wait till you meet the doctor.

if you had an MRI you would know if there was a serious problem right away. Let the doctor do the work, that's what they get paid for. we can waste so much precious planet time worring about things that never happen. wait till you get results, then educate yourself. read a good book in the meantime or do something you love to take you out of this illness. something that makes you feels stress free.

we've all done this i'm sure. i just leared it's not worth it anymore. I hope this was helpful. Take Care and have a peaceful day.

blessings and love~


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Yes, it is easy to get paranoid with POTS. When I flush, I get this overwhelming feeling of "something's wrong." My mom gets the same feelings with her carcinoid flushes. I hate it. I'm 95% sure my flushes are caused by excessive norepinephrine which we know causes feelings of panic and doom. I know I have excessive norepinephrine circulating, especially when I'm pooling more. It's a battle most days, as my mood often goes up and down depending on how warm it is, how much time I'm standing, etc.

I've had most every symptom thoroughly checked out, so even if I may have more problems in the future I can rest at ease knowing there's no impending crisis even when my body and emotions tell me so. Focusing too much on these "what if" thoughts will actually make me feel worse in the long run, too! I have to occupy my mind in order to keep from obsessing about my symptoms. Like most of you, I also have some level of pain each day and I try to avoid taking narcotics so I find myself trying to keep my mind busy in order to block out the pain also. I like to read, listen to music (always helpful :) ), and for some reason playing video games helps distract myself too!

I believe our minds play a big part in our recovery. Now, I'm not saying we can heal ourselves or anything! But I know when I'm more focused on worrying about my symptoms or disease progression, I have less good days overall. I can't do much to prevent my POTS symptoms, but I consider it my job now to avoid stress. It is one thing I have some control over!

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Honestly, I let a lot go. I just know that I feel awful most days...and that those are normal symptoms of POTS. I have been tested, had the MRI, heart cath etc. I also know tht if I get real bad I will go back to the hospital and check it out but I really try not to borrow trouble.

This illness has taken so much of my life and I get upset tht it has a tendancy to take my peace of mind as well. We will get better or at least learn how to manage our symptoms better.

i say get all the tests you need to done so that you feel more comfortable and then try not to worry.

My paranoia centers more around getting sicker...just with POTS symptoms....and then i try to quickly let tht go too. I really appreciate this forum so much and it helps me keep a better handle on my run away mind.


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