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Posting For Bee

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Hey everybody IM posting on behalf of Belinda (bee) she use to post here, and asked me to post amd let the old timers on her know, who followed her and supported her.. Know that she had a muscle biopsy done that confirmed the diagnosis of mitchondrial disease for her. she has complex 2 and 3 mitochondrial disease. And is awaiting more test result to come back in to give her further answers.

this is the cause for all the issue that she has had, symptoms ad and dysautonomia

Im sure she would also appreciate your guys love and support now too :)


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Thanks Dizz,

Please let Bee know she's in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad a doc finally did a muscle biopsy, and she's finally validated, and knows the cause of her ANS symptoms. I hope she can get the proper medical care now, and have better control of symptoms.

Hopefully they can slow the progression also---------again, let her know I'm praying for her.

HUGS to you Bee.

Maxine :0)

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