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Testing Creatine With L-arginine


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Im going to post my results in this thread on how the creatine reacts for me.

I am taking walmarts bodyfortress creatine, it also include L-arginine, taurine and some other amino acids.

The taste was good, i used half the recommended dose for this first attempt 1/2 a scoop i mixed with 16 oz of water.

It was a little hard to drink but i think that is the same for most fluids for me i get alot of saliva in my throat etc.

First thing i have noticed after drinking this i took my heart, for the first time it was somewhat lower. This however i was not expecting, i took my resting HR 3 times, and averaged 68-72 where prior i usually averaged 80-82 range.

Other than that i dont feel too much differnet right now, But i will post a few more times as i take it over the next few days.

For those who don't know creatine helps muscles retain water and is generally a weight lifting supplement.

UPDATE: it appears it has given me a headache! ugh! Hopefully it goes away soon and i can try it again tommorow.

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Isnt L-arginine the precursor for nitric oxide (implicated in one form of POTS).

If it is, and it increases neuronal/endothelial nitric oxide bioavailability it may actually help your POTS symptoms.

Yeah L-arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, in the creatine formula im taking its actually listed as NOS booster. It seems today this product may have made me feel better over all minus the headache which is almost gone now, going to try slightly less tommorow maybe quarter of a scoop and go from there up. It also includes taurine and some other beneficial ingredients and tastes like fruit punch!

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