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Hida scan


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I know there are several posts about others dealing with gallbladder problems. I am seeing a GI for the first time and I suspect he may want to have my gallbladder checked. Several years ago a previous doctor talked about the HIDA scan procedure and as I understand, a radioactive pill or something is swallowed and tracked. When I learned the test was done in nuclear meds and the technician said that reactions to the pill thing was "rare" my family and I feared that meant ME! so my doctor back then said she didn't think it was that big a deal and I didn't have it done.

Have any of you had any problem with the test? BAck then I was much sicker and while I am better, I still react to everything. I guess I sound like a real wimp but I would appreciate hearing from you before I see the doctor.

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The Hida scan is pretty simple. I wasn't given anything to swallow---rather, I was given an IV with a radioactive tracer in it. Then you stand in front of the scanner for a few minutes. That's it. I have a history of terrible anaphalactic reactions--this test, compared to others, is execptionally low risk.


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Hi...Having just gone the gall bladder ultrasound, HIDA scan and HIDA scan with CKK and finally gall bladder removal, I can say the following: Only have the HIDA scan with CKK--it is a much newer test (I had no adverse affects) and provides a whole lot more information than just the HIDA scan. The HIDA scan showed my gall bladder to be fine. The HIDA with CKK showed that I had major gall bladder problems (abnormal gall bladder constrictions, emptying).

Good luck and let us know how you are doing!

Gallbladderless Me

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Welcome to the Gallbladderless world goldicedance :)

Actually, my HIDA w/ CCK hurt like **** because it set of a terrible gallbladder attack. That being said, I had my test on Friday and my gallbladder out on Monday because my gallbladder was essentially dead or dying--functioned at less than 30%, was atonic and undersized, backed up bile etc.

Despite the attack it set off, it was the definitive test and I'd do it again if it would have meant I'd have the same number of years to follow without the pain I was in BEFORE they took out that naughty gallbladder.

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Nina, thanks for the link. I have read all about Hida scans and at least feel more knowledgeable for when I have my first appointment with the GI doc. I think the reason all these dyes and radioactive IVs concern me is because of how I got POTS. WHo ever would of thought I would be the one in 10 million who have a terrible reaction to something as common as the flu shot and yet that is how POTS began for me. It only took 2 seconds to change my health and life forever so I guess that explains my nervousness about any new tests.

Goldicedance, it is good to hear your experience as well and about the CKK. When I read about it, I thought it would be like what Nina described so glad to hear for some that it is painless. My diet, even before getting POTS, was healthy and gallbladder friendly so if they give me something that is the equivalent of a meal at McDonalds, my system will go nuts!!!

Is there some magical % that determines whether they need to remove the gb or not?

GD, were you able to have the outpatient type of surgery? I hope you are having a good recovery. I know anesthia alone can cause a bit of setback. Take care and thanks for sharing your experience. I really love that there is always someone on this site who can help answer questions....it is really great!!

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Nina, Actually--I got a migraine headache from the HIDA scan, but I would/could get a migraine from whatever!

My gallbladder sounded like it was in the condition of yours. I had no stones; rather a badly kinked gallbladder that took in more bile than it ever ejected!


BTW, thanks everyone. I am doing pretty good. I was in the hospital 10 days before the gall bladder surger and 4 days after. It took awhile to actually diagnose the problem. The longer than usual stay afterwards was a result of the pretty bad condition a POTS person can be in when curled up in a fetal position, not eatting, only on fluids for 10 days. Surgery was actually a relief!

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you are not a wimp!

just had to throw that in...

good luck with the procedure. gallbladder stuff seems to be "trendy" this past week or so, huh?

let us know how your test goes...

i freak out about the stuff they give you too...b/c like you said...we are always, as my pharmacist says, "the less than 1% population" who gets side effects or gets the weird side effects or whatever....she gets out her big drug book and teases me b/c she learns something new every time i come in...thank goodness she's great...


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