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I'm Feeling Better!

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The last two weeks have been awesome for me! I was able to drive for the first time and even go to the store and do my own grocery shopping! ( I shopped for about 30 mins) I have not done these things since I first got sick in Oct. 08'. I have been transported by ambulance about 7 times when I have really bad fainting episodes, I'll stop breathing and will continue to faint over and over even while laying down. My mom noticed that by the time I arrive to the hospital I'm usually much better, she felt it was from the oxygen given by paramedics. So we asked my cardio if he could prescribe oxygen for home , he said no that there was no need. After a follow-up with my nuero, he was willing to do whatever helped and prescribed it for me. Since I have had the oxygen at home, I use it everytime I am feeling faint and usually come right out of my 'episode'. I really do feel that this has helped! Thanks to my mom's great observation, of course there is no research on how the oxygen helps with POTS, but for me personally I feel much better with it! Also, I only use it on average once a day for about 20 - 30 minutes at a time.

I also have altered my meds to a dose that seems to also be working!

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:( Bellajulz,

I am so happy to hear you are doing so well. I really hope that you enjoy this time. I have also noticed that when I am at the hospital, and have oxygen that I do better. Of course I asked the doctor about it, and I was told it had to do with thinking it would help me! ;) Oh well. I am so happy it is helping you, and please let us know if it continues to be a big help. I'll be saying prayers of thanks for you.


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Wonderful news! I hope it continues to help... enjoy yourself but don't overdue it :)

~ Broken_Shell

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Not being a medical professional, I'm going to ask some questions that may or may not be relevant.

How do they know the "flow" or "amount" of oxygen to give someone without studies to show their oxygen saturation and the oxygen required?

I thought that using or giving too much oxygen is not good either, so I'm back to my original question ....how much? Were you tested?

Don't you have a meter or valve that is adjusted to deliver a certain flow of oxygen?

Were you given a limit as to "how long" you can use the oxygen (how many minutes/hours) without measuring your blood's oxygen saturation?

I thought this was all very precise when prescribing supplemental oxygen?

Was it a pulmonologist who wrote you a prescription for oxygen?

Are you being followed up and how frequently?

What's the capacity of your oxygen tank and how frequently can you ask for a refill?

Is this a covered prescription and if so how was it written?

Sorry for all the questions. I am happy for you that your life is more normal. With your prior experiences, I'm sure the doctors wanted to help improve the quality of your life. And I'm glad they were willing to give oxygen a try. But I thought there is a precise amount that should be delivered for a specified time?

Thanks in advance for any response you may give.

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Yay for you! What wonderful news. I hope that this keeps working for you. It's so nice to hear some successful stories on the Forum once in a while. Keep us informed, and congrats!



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