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Is There Such A Thing As Autonomic Apnea/hypoxia?


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I am still trying to figure out my daughters episodes.

She had some scary episodes last week where her o2 dropped into the 80s several times and she becomes tahcycardic. Sometimes she just becomes tachycardic. Once bradycardic (scary)

Anyway, she does have a very mild sleep apnea in general, but her o2 only drops like this once a monht.

She cycles.

We still have not figured out if these are autonomic seizures ... or autonomic activatio without seizures.

I am wondering if anyone here has any ideas or info on hypoxia or transient apnea events due to autonomic activation.

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I am not aware of it, but I do think that if the ANS is working just right (or wrong-depending on how you look at it :) ) then you could have an irregular heart rhythm etc. causing less beats, and leading to decreased oxygenation. Or multiple other scenarios, my brain is getting foggy/misty/rainy, so my thoughts are not coming to easy! :)

I do think that this is where Reflex Anoxic Seizures come into play though... I think you have said before you have looked at that in regards to your daughter? http://www.stars-us.org/medical-informatio...ic-seizure.html

Hope that helps!


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