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Gallbladder Polyp--and accompanying CT scan?

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I know there is another post running on gall bladder stuff, but I was afraid this might get lost and is a little different question...so I posted separately...

Two questions since it seems so many of you have had lots of CT scans and lots of gall bladder stuff...

1. I had my u/s done on Wednesday (nina, have you heard about yours yet?). The didn't find really anything, except a small polyp and said that I need a CT scan. They said that the results this way are inconclusive and they couldn't tell anything from the u/s. Would a polyp cause symptoms? Is it anything to be concerned about? What would they do if it was a polyp?

2. I have to get the CT scan where you chug this junk before-hand so your stomach will light up. ;) hmmmm....

I am a little nervous about what is in the stuff you drink. Anyone know or have experience with it? Did you tolerate it okay? I am so sensitive to food and dyes and all that yuck.

Thanks!!!!! I couldn't get much out of the nurse today, so I thought I'd turn to you all! Hope you are having a good weekend so far.


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Hi Emily,

I don't have any gall bladder problems, (knock on wood) however I have had to drink the yucky stuff before a CT scan of my chest and abdomen. I had to make sure it was gluten free before I drank it. (it was) It didn't taste that great (but they do add flavor to it, so at least it's tolerable). I really don't recall what's in it, but I think they read the ingredients to me and called the manufacturer. I had the CT scan before I had POTS, but I've always been sensitive to chemicals, food dyes, etc. And I didn't have any problems or reactions to it. But like I said, that was before I had full-blown POTs. You may want to press the nurse/doctor further for info on what's in it. Just tell them you have a lot of allergies/sensitivies to things, and maybe they will help you out.

Good luck with everything, and keep us posted.

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the only reaction i know of, is it tastes funny and people that have trouble guzzling might get pretty full. as far as dairy or anything, i've never heard of anything dairy or gluten in any type of contrast. so there shouldn't be any reaction. i have a friend by the way that has a polyp in her gb too and they just keep an eye on it. it has only bothered her once in several years. morgan

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Guest Julia59


I had the stuff a couple of times I think. It's not bad, just not real tasty----LOL. It was really not a big deal at all. I would rather have it that way then through an IV.

I did fine------and that was when my symptoms were at their worst---especially my gut, and I did just fine with the contrast.

I would just talk with the Doc a little more about it and let them know about your sensitivities. I hope things all come out well for you.

Take care,

Julie :0)

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Emily, I had an abdominal CT 3 years ago and I vaguely remember the liquid stuff. It was yukky but mostly it just set off major diarrhea!! My GI system is very sensitive and it didn't like it at all. If I didn't have to drink so much of it, I think I would have been fine. This is a question I have always wondered about....does everyone, regardless of size or weight, get told to drink the same amount?

When is your scan? I hope you do fine with it and can learn something useful from it that will help you feel better.

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Barium is what's in the "stuff", also referred to as contrast. It tastes disgusting. Refridgerate it before drinking as it tastes slightly less terrible cold. Not sure about whether a polyp would cause your pains--that's a question for your doctors.

I've had the GI CAT series a few times now--not pleasant, but essentiall painless except for drinking the contrast and not being allowed to eat the day of the test. I got rather sick of jello and broth.

The only thing my test showed was very slow motility... not other things to pin the pain on.

No news on my stuff yet. Called Friday and they said to try calling again on Monday but preferably Tues.


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Barium (taking an imaginary toke) and that's HEAVY, man, HEAVY!

Filling.....oh yeah. But I tolerated it fine.

Check with the RADIOLOGIST before you go for your appointment and let him know what type of allergic reactions to dyes you have had in the past. He or she is the one who will be responsible for your safety during the test. Sometimes dyes that are ingested or injected directly into the digestive tract (like a biliary duct during and ERCP) do NOT have the same allergic risk and reactions as taking dyes via IV.

I've tasted worse stuff. But drinking it cold does help.

We make people glow in the dark all the time for Xrays. Nothing to be afraid of.

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I remember drinking a barium "milkshake" as they called it (ha!) when I was a kid ... or was I a teen? ... I had pretty near constant stomach aches, which I now believe were nerves (or nervous system) related. They didn't find anything. I don't recall having bad reactions to the stuff. It's all over pretty quickly, so keep your eyes on the prize: more information about that polyp and whatever's going on for you! Take care; we're all pullin' for ya.


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thanks everyone!

i called today and am scheduled for tomorrow, which is good b/c it will be over with and i won't have time to spend worrying about it!

thanks for all of your information...it helps to go in with that knowledge...

even if it does make me sick at least i will know that i am not crazy!

my caregiver person...she comes once a week or as needed to help out b/c my mom is overwhelmed...is taking me and she is prepared for whatever and will stay with me at home all day if i need her! so, i am prepared for whatever happens...better to be prepared than not!

hopefully all of my preparing means that everything will go smoothly. plan for the worst...and then, well you know...it usually turns out better than you thought it would.


nina...i can't believe it takes so long to get the darn results of your test! mine were back the next day...inconclusive, but at least they were back. ugh...i hope they get a move on for you.

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Emily, good luck tomorrow. You are so smart to plan ahead and take someone with you because that will make it much easier for you. I find I always "act" more confident when someone is with me; talking to someone while in the waiting room keeps my mind from wandering too!

Let us know how you do. Good luck to you.

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