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Meclizine For Dizziness

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Yes, I've tried it for Meniere's but it had a bad side effect for me. I use small dose of Ativan when I feel vertigo coming on. A lot of people tell me that Ativan helps more than McClezine. McClezine sedates most people for a longer time while Ativan is shorter acting or that has been my experience. I hope it works for you.

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meclizine is actually available over the counter, generally as "Antevert."

personally i take it at times for nausea & vomiting flare-ups that are either directly related to motion sickness or which - at the root - are caused by my severe dysmotility but which, when aggravated, can (for me) occasionally come close to mimicking motion sickness. while it (the meclizine) is definitely not any sort of magic drug, it does seem to do me some good in the realm of calming down my nausea/ vomiting/ motion sickness, esp when combined with zofran; the two combined seem to do me more good than either independently.

in terms of helping "dizziness" i suppose it depends what type of "dizziness" you're referring to as it's a term that can be used to describe many different things. for me being "dizzy" is always & only about my BP being too low &/or not having enough blood flow to my brain and, as such, meclizine would do absolutely nothing. if, however, you have "dizziness" that is more related to vertigo &/or motion sickness then it makes sense that the meclizine might be worth a try.

all in all it's an inexpensive med that shouldn't cause much trouble if you give it a go. i do believe that it can cause a bit of tiredness for some (though i have never had that issue myself.) additionally it is quite short-acting so - if it does disagree with you for some reason - that will be short lived.

hope this helps,

:( melissa

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I forgot to note that Dramamine seems to work as well as the Meclizine, and you can get it over the counter and pretty cheaply if you get the Walgreen or Target version...

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