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Mcad - Who Diagnoses It?


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Hi all,

I am under the impression that MCAD is usually not diagnosed unless specifically tested for. Since reading a lot about it on this board I have started to wonder if I could possibly be affected, and am just curious as to who would be the best person to see for it?

I suffered sever seasonal allergies when I was younger (which I seemed to outgrow), but developed a hive-like rash in the last few years which comes ang goes (in no particular pattern. I was prescribes steroids for this.) I also get chest and throat tightness which comes and goes (sometimes under stress, sometimes after eating, sometimes just from talking and sometimes just from being upright, so not sure if this is just dys realated).


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An allergist may just look at you and wonder what the initials MCAD stand for. There are very few specialists in mast cell disorders who can truly identify MCAD---Dr. Castells at Brigham and Women's is one. A four hour urine methylhistamine test is one way to check for it, but only a few labs can even do that test! I'll have to tote my bucket to Vandy for them to do it. Mack's Mom is the most informed about all this, maybe PM her.

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