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Anyone Feel Breathless When Eating?

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Hi, yes I do. And for some time after I eat too. When I am feeling like this I have a tendancy to have trouble swallowing, and choke a lot. I had a swallow test done, and wouldn't you know my swallower worked great! I have to lay down to eat. It helps with the breathless feeling, and is the only way I was able to eat, and not vomitt for the last 4 years. I don't know the reason for the breathlesness, but have heard that it happens because the blood pools in the stomach, and causes worse symptoms for some people when they eat.


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yep, I'm a choker too. I should have known when I was chocking the last time and my ex just sat there and his sister the nurse pract. sat there and the 76 year old woman beside me, did the heimlich manoeuvre and she saved my life. WHAT SHOULD I have known? That he was a loser, a nice loser but not for me. <_<

I find if I'm sitting and if I have a lot of food I feel like I just can't breathe and feel so uncomfortable I must lay down. I think it's because I bloat. Always have had to since I was a child after meals because I'd feel sick. And once I start choking it's hard to stop.

May all our throats be Blessed and safe always~


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Yes, I feel like I get short of breath or can't quite get my breath after eating. It is worse on days that my other autonomic symptoms are worse. I am glad to know others experience the same thing.

~ Broken_Shell :)

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