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Please keep a fellow member in your thoughts

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Hi Katherine,

Kathleen has been a DINET member since we started. I'm not sure of her forum name...if she has one. We email back and forth and she mentioned the surgery. Please send her your good thoughts, prayers and well-wishes at this time.


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Guest Julia59

Wishing you the best Katherine----- :D

I'm praying for you to come through the surgery with flying colors----and for a speedy recovery.

Sending hugs your way,

Julie :0)

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Hi everyone,

Kathleen asked me to post this:

To my fellow POTS and OI sufferers ? THANK-YOU! To Michelle- a very special thank-you! Thank-you for the special thoughts and prayers for tomorrows back surgery. Michelle, Thank-you for the posting but especially for making a place like this possible. I had not been here for a while, it has grown so much. When I went through the postings yesterday, it felt like I was at home.. Finally a place that I did not feel alone. As soon as i can-I hope to start coming here and getting to know everybody- but till then?THANK-YOU.


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