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"it's The Pants!"

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I was recently at the CC to see a Rheumatologist, and asked her what she thought about the patchy hair loss pattern on my legs. I have asked 7+ other drs. about this, and none of them have a clue, they say it is unusual, but not neuro, derm, autoimmune etc...

So, when I asked her, she just replied "Do you wear pants?". Uh, yes, of course... "Well, it's the pants. I get that too." And that was that. Didn't matter that it was a recent onset, and my father recently developed it as well. None of the other drs. came to this conclusion. I am not sure whether or not this theory has any merit??? Anyone ever heard of this??? Anyone else have this due to pants wearing the hair off your legs???

Weird... but, it still cracks me up for whatever reason... so, I just had to share! :)

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Actually yes, it's not that uncommon. I have the same thing, with hair on parts of my legs, but not others and realize that the hair just gets rubbed off. Many people who wear high cowboy boots will rub the hair off from the boots constantly rubbing against skin.

Just my two cents, but it is weird, I can see where I sit and how my pants rub a certain part of my legs that are totally bald. My hair on my head and legs is very fine and therefore just rubs off easily, which is good since I barely ever shave them! . Saves on razors! LOL morgan

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You've been wearing pants your whole ( your Dad also I'm sure ) and this just started happening. HUM................Do doctors really think of dumb they sound at times, or better yet how dumb do they think we are? I've seen many doctors like that myself, fire them and move on to someone that will help. I hope you find someone that will take you seriously and work on finding out why.

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I have practically no hair left on my legs. Seriously, I have about six or eight hairs that randomly grow in. I've also lost most all of my other body hair, if you get my drift. I've been told that this is due to neuropathy.

That said, hair on the legs (and elsewhere) CAN be rubbed off, though....my husband used to have hair worn off during the winter from wearing long tube socks. A circle right around his calves where the top of the socks were.

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Thanks for ya'lls replies! I agree that the rubbing of the hair off the legs can occur due to pants (I would think jeans would be the worse), but I guess I had never heard of or seen it to be so widespread, constant, and spontaneous. So, I still kinda doubt it is really what is happening in my case, at least not causing all of the hair loss.

For one, recently (year or so) I spend most of my time in cotton pajama-type pants and not jeans, as I was before. So, I figure this would make it less likely? And, too I thought of it in the way of why now, I have worn pants my whole life, and my dad as well.

Also, it was a relatively sudden onset for me, but coincided with other increasing/new symptoms. My dad has been getting more and more POTS etc. symptoms as he is aging, weight changes, diet changes (7 years vegan to recent vegetarian) etc. My dads also seemed to be a relatively sudden onset (and he would notice more, due to he doesn't shave his legs), and he mentioned it out of the blue without even remembering I had mentioned the same issue.

ALSO, for me the most telling thing is that it is worst (less hair) on my thighs, and this is where the skin biopsy OVER a year ago showed my neuropathy was worse than it was at the ankle and knee.

So, I don't know, but that she was so adament that it was "the pants", amused me. I will likely never know. And no I will not try a trial period of not wearing pants! :):):D

I am glad I am not the only one that thought she was a little quick to jump to that conclusion! I felt kinda stupid right after she said it, and at the same time laughing on the inside that she thought that was the entire reason. :P



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Here's a quote from a medical site describing limb hair loss as a symptom of neuropathy:

"Autonomic neuropathy

Cardiovascular symptoms: exercise intolerance, fatigue, sustained heart rate, syncope, dizziness, lightheadedness, balance problems

Gastrointestinal symptoms: dysphagia, bloating, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, loss of bowel control

Genitourinary symptoms: loss of bladder control, urinary tract infection, urinary frequency or dribbling, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, dyspareunia, vaginal dryness, anorgasmia

Sudomotor (sweat glands) symptoms: pruritus, dry skin, LIMB HAIR LOSS, calluses, reddened areas

Endocrine symptoms: hypoglycemic unawareness

Other symptoms: difficulty driving at night, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, cognitive changes"

I emphasized the "hair loss" bit....

The article can be found at: http://www.aafp.org/afp/20050601/2123.html

It talks about diabetic neuropathy, but in reality, the autonomic neuropathy that we are dealing with is often quite similar....we just don't always have the diabetes to blame it on!

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