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A Different Kind Of Light-headedness?

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For the last few days (if not a week or so - who can keep track of weird symptoms when there are so many! :lol: ) I've been having a weird light-headed feeling. It's different than my usual near-blackout feeling (I don't usually fully black out). Instead of feeling like a blackout is coming on, I feel like I could fall asleep! It's almost like at that moment, I feel like my body is so run down that I could just collapse into bed and take a nap. It passes when I sit down for the most part.

Anyone ever have this feeling? What brought it on? I haven't been getting the best sleep lately because I've had a bad round of migraines, but I don't think my sleep is off that much. Any ideas?

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I don't experience a feeling of falling asleep, but I do have a light-headed type of feeling that I get that is different than a feeling that I am going to pass out. I can best describe it as feeling woozy, drunk, and like there is not enough blood getting to my head for me to feel "normal", but it is not a feeling like I will pass out.

~ Broken_Shell :lol:

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I have episodes like this. Mine end in a sleep that is almost a coma. I have fallen asleep in plate of food, and when I do fall asleep like this you can't wake me up. It is very strange. But it passes in a couple of days usually. I have a very hard time with my health when I miss even just a little sleep. I hope this passes for you soon. Take care.


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