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Can Anyone Help Explain This Sudden Headache?

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I was having a pretty good feeling day-esp after the killer headache I had all day yesterday. I took some Phenergan for the h/a last night and woke feeling tired but pain free. I felt good until an hour and a half ago and the headache is still here. I laid down on the floor with my 2-year-old DD to read a book with her. We were lying on our backs sharing a pillow and I was feeling OK. Then, she suddenly (as all things happen with a 2yo) wanted strawberries. I was tempted to jump right up and head to the kitchen, but remembered I should take it slow. So, I started by propping myself up on my elbows for a few seconds until I felt adjusted. Then, sat up for a few seconds and then stood. Within minutes I had a headache. I try to stay relaxed and hoped it would wane, but nope! Still around. ***? How can I stop this from happening again. It's the story of my life it seems. Thanks for reading!

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Sorry to hear what is going on. It must be frustrating. Have you checked your blood pressure to see if it correlates with the headaches? Are you having any other symptoms with the headaches?

~ Broken_Shell

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