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I noticed I was much better during pregnancy, but really ill before and after. Has anyone tried any kind of hormone therapy to lessen symptoms? I'm going to ask them to stop my menstrual cycle, because it actually makes it much, much worse.

If you have tried hormones, let me know how you did, or are doing. Thanks B)

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All I can say is that you are the complete opposite of me! Except, I did feel terrible postpartum for 6 months. I know your situation is considered the norm for POTS, and many women with POTS do use BCPs--I don't know about other hormone therapy. Of course, keep in mind that there are risks associated with taking hormones, especially after age 35, so you would want to make sure the benefits continue to outweigh the risks as you get older.

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I had a relatively similar experience but have stabilized over the past year or so (my son is almost 2). Pregnancy was blissful!! Postpartum I felt good for a few months and had a slow return of symptoms. If I could just have those pregnancy hormones in my body all the time, I think I'd feel wonderful!!

I would love to try the BCP's that allow you to skip a period, but I can't tolerate any kind of hormonal birth control. However, several ladies fromthis forum have had good luck with them!

BTW...I noticed you live in Tampa...me too!! I'd love to talk more sometime about your docs, etc...I haven't been able to find many people that live in this area.

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