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Catecholamine Test Result

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Hello everybody,

i just got my catecholamin test result back this week.

The test was done last November.

First they took my blood whilest i was laying down and then whilest i was standing.

(I just stood on the floor, the blood wasnt taken out during an TTT).


270.5 31.2 24.5 laying down

576.6 51.3 19.9 standing

My doctor told me that the numbers are a little higher then average but they are not extremly high.

I have no idea what to think about this now.

Do any of you have any experience in this? How were your numbers? Are these numbers

a sign of the hyperadr. type of POTS?

I would really appreciate your help.


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The three hormones they test for are norepinephrine (NORA), epinephrine (ADR) and dopamine (DOPM). Norepinephrine is the one that commonly goes up during hyperadrenergic states. I think a standing normal norepi level is about 450 (don't quote me). In other research, I've read that 600 or higher standing norepi was diagnostic of POTS. My lying norepi was same as yours, standing was 1089. Mayo said I was "mildy hyperadrenergic." I've heard of standing norepi over 2000. Can't imagine what that feels like.

I can't take midodrine because of my chronic hyperadrenergic state. I've had chronic frostbite because my vessels are so clamped down, and midodrine exacerbates this. My BP goes up significantly on standing, or even talking. I flush often. etc.....

However, as the Mayo doc told me, my hyperadrenergic response is a normal response to an abnormal problem. I'd rather have the response than not, I guess, or you'd never peel me out of bed! :o I think Dr. Stewart is onto other mechanisms involved in POTS, too, and maybe hyperadrenergic POTS is just another description of his "low flow" POTS patients???

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gees that is weird - those levels are very similar to my own. particular the NE. That is a mildly hyperadrenergic response. Some patients go super high.

yeah prettymuch agree with what Thankful said:

Some specialists believe that this excessive norepinephrine response is a sign that these POTSIES have impaired reuptake of norepinephrine and are hyperadrenergic.

However, other researchers do not accept this or atleast point to other causes and that the hyperadrenergic state is as normal response to an abnormal problem - impaired blood flow or pooling.

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thankful, thank you very much for your reply. I also cant take midodrine because my BP is to high to begin with. I react hyperadrenergic and i guess (looking at my catecholamine numbers) thats because my body reacts abnormal (hyperadr.) to a normal (catecholamine number) situation. I hope this makes sense.

ramakentesh, thanks for letting me know, that your levels are similar to mine. I do feel relieved now, because i had no idea what

to think of my blood work.


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Mine was done at ten minute intervals while i was on various levels of tilt on the table and progressively got higher as my blood pressure went up as well.

Midodrine can help some hyper patients even when they are getting high blood pressure standing - it stops the body from going into a reflex hyper overdrive and this may actaully reduce your blood pressure standing.

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