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?? For The Doctors And Health Professionals

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If there is ANY way to get their answers anonymously, please allow it!

For all the Doctors and health professionals whom contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of dysautonomia ( :) THANK YOU from the bottom of my quickly beating heart):

--Are you maligned and thought of as "fringe" or questionable?

--Do you find your research to be glossed over, unpublished or discounted?

--Do other Health Professionals ask how you can deal with "nuts" or hypochondriacs all day?

--Are you frustrated by a lack of understanding, acceptance or knowledge of your findings by the healthcare community at large?

--Does is anger you to have patients that you have diagnosed with demonstrable dysautonomia being viewed by other doctors as neurotic or hypochondriacs?

--What can WE do, as diagnosed patients, to better present ourselves to other doctors for treatment?

--How can we best find doctors who will "believe" that we are not anxiety-ridden hypochondriacs?

--Is there anything you wish all your patients would do?

Thank you for your responses. Every one of us here appreciate EVERYTHING that you do for us!

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there is no way for any type of anonymous reply from anyone other than in multiple-choice polls. this is not something set or chosen by any of DINET's forum moderators or administrators but simply the way it is within the forum host that we use.


melissa/ Sunfish

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