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Restless Leg Syndrome


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I've been having a bad bout of restless leg (and arm!) syndrome at night. It seems to reach its peak just as I am trying to get to sleep. I've had this for a long time (and I think I have read that it is very common in the general population), but it has been keeping me from sleeping as well as I could in the past week.

Is this considered a POTS symptom? Does anyone have any suggestions for relieving it?



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I don't have Restless Leg Syndrome ( thought I did but had sleep study).

From some of the reading I used to do on sleep disorders I know that Klonopin has been used for people with Restless Leg Syndrome. I don't know of any non medicinal (sp) ways to help but maybe someone else will know.

Have you had a sleep study done?

Good luck.


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I have had this problem on and off throughout my problems with POTS. It seems to come in waves, then it won't bother me again for several months. I wish I knew what caused it, because it is soooo frustrating when you're tired and ready to fall asleep, and then it starts happening (I get it in my arms too!!). I used to think it had something to do with taking Florinef, because I know that potassium imbalances can cause it, but my levels are always fine & it isn't a constant problem.

The only thing I have found that helps is to get up and walk around for a while and get back in bed...sometimes it subsides and sometimes it hangs around a while longer.

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I've had a problem with this also. I had heard that it might be due to low dopamine levels, and mine were low, so I thought this might be part of the cause in my case. I was going to ask my doc. I think there are different reasons why people get it so I guess it's not always related to dopamine. I found a page that talks about it and the type of things they do to treat it.



After being low on Magnesium have found when started taking Magnesium supplements the restless leg got a bit better. Although it's not completely gone. So that might be part of the trouble for me. It might be good to try Magnesium and see if it helps. You might want to ask your doc or pharmacist first though. I think Magnesium is pretty safe except too much will give you the runs. But still I would check.


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That's interesting Friday, because I started taking an energy vitamin- it just has extra "B" vitamins and magnesium, and I haven't had the restless leg problem in a few months now.

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I don't have this problem but just wanted to say it sounds annoying and I sure hope it's one of those symptoms that will pass in a couple weeks. What ever happened to the prickly feeling you had going on? Did that ever pass?


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