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Taurine Reduced My Palps By 99%

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Just wondering if anyone has tried Taurine for their Palpitations? I took magnesium for the longest time thinking that it was helping. It did for a while but, my bowels could not tolerate it for long. On some days I would have 1000's a day. I saw an anti-aging dr. who told me to try taurine for the palps. This amino acid had been a god send. My palps have been reduced to almost none!. I would urge everyone who has palpitations to give it a try. I have had no side effects. The palps are just gone! I take it in the morning when I get up and at night. I was told to take it 3 times a day, but 2 worked for me.


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Fascinating. It makes sense but i wasnt game to go out and try any of the nitric oxide precursors yet.

Basically one way that this could be helping - one of probably a few. Reduced levels of taurine result in reduced bioavailability of nitric oxide which has been implicated in some forms of POTS:



This also occurs in patients with conjestive heart failure so its interesting that we share many of the symptoms.

A taurine supplement would in theory increase the bioavailability of nitric oxide at the neuronal level, increasing regional blood flows and improving the symptoms of POTS in these patients.

The problem is that for othre forms of POTS it may actually make them feel worse due to increased dilation.

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It helps in the aspect that if I am having PVC's and PAC's all day I am out of breath and constantly tired. It has gotten rid of that. But I still get easily fatigued. I am also taking high doses of Vit C and I think that is helping as well.

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I take 500 mg twice a day. My Dr. told me to try it 3 times a day but I am very paranoid about trying new things, so I started off slow. Twice a day was just enough for my body. It does not interfere with my sleeping AT ALL. The only things I have noticed is pretty much the absents of PVC and PAC and maybe a little bit more thought clarity.

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