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Dont' Know What To Do?

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So I started Mestinon 15 mg over the weekend and I posted about it making me tired and feeling out of it and then had a little episode where I lost hearing in my right ear for a couple seconds and had a black out feeling but didn't actually black out. My blood pressure has been pretty low but I'm also taking Toprol 50 mg with it. Dr. Grubb was going to take me off the Toprol if I did well on the Mestinon. I haven't had any palpitations since taking the Mestinon but the tired and out of it feeling is really hard. I called his office and he's out of the office until next week b/c he's in Paris. I just don't know if I should continue taking it or not? DOes it take time to get use to it?

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I am not a doctor by any means, but I don't think you've taken the Mestinon long enough to make a decision yet on if you should drop the Toprol. A lot of times new meds will have side effects, and you have to wait for at least a week if not two or more to see if it's the right drug for you. My guess is that you'd be ok waiting for Dr. Grubb to return, unless you get really sick on the Mestinon.

Take care,


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Got a call back from Sandy. She was very nice and took all my info. Told me to stop the Mestinon for now since it's making my bp low and asked that I call her on Monday. Grubb gets back tonight but is in surgeries tomorrow. I would never go off a medication without the doctor's consent, I was just really hoping I would feel better so I could go off it. It might be the combination of the two but we'll see. Thanks for the post. :D

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