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Squeezing Heart?


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Anyone experience this? first time i have exerpeinced today. It felt like hand grabbing my heart when i stood up was one of the most umpleasant thing si have ever felt. It has gotten better after sitting but i still feel that same discomfort just slightly.

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my specialist told me to watch out for a kind of contsricting pain in the heart region that some POTS patients get. He said its nothing to worry about but can be quite annoying for those patients.

yeah thats defineintly what it feels like, its really scarey, but i dont want to go to the ER i cant afford anymore ER trips. Its just liek a constricting pain like you said. I feel it lightly sitting on and off today, and standing it got to the point where i felt like i was at deaths door, ack. It doesnt hurt as much as it does scare the **** out of me like a heart attack. im only 22 though so i dont suspect heart attack. This is the first time i've experienced this.

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