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Pots With Sciatic Pain

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I have low back and hip pain but they are not related to my POTS, but to a car accident which caused me to limp for 2 years. I had 2 hip surgeries and the hip is 90% better, but walking like Igor for 2 years has messed up my back.

For me, my low back pain interferes with sitting comfortably. Exercise usually helps it, while resting makes my muscles tight and makes me sore. Whenever my POTS flares up, my back hurts more because I'm so immobile.

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The reason i ask is that around the time I first got POTs out of the blue prettymuch I also got very painful sciatica that got really bad to the point where i couldnt walk and was bed ridden for three days.

I went back to my long-suffering GP and he sent me to a surgeon who found nothing remarkable and said we may never know why i have back pain, but then he sent me to a Rheumologist as an aside.

This guy sent me for scans and a bone scan and then told me he was 100% certain I had Ankylosing Spondylitis but what he called a 'mild' case but that all cases could be 'progressive and very unpredictable'.

To be honest i dont think i believed him or i went in denial but i never followed it up. Soon i noticed that the backpain arrived after certain triggers - eating lots wheat or drinking a small glass of beer (one of the few naughties I used to allow myself when i was feeling well from POTS). And then out of the blue I did a search and found that some patients with AS in some studies do have autonomic and cardiovascular abnormalities related to standing.

Ive recently found that a few people here have a family history of Ankylosing Spondylitis and one other patient has also been diagnosed with AS and that it came on at the same time as POTS. For me its now a matter of trying to work out what symptoms are from what - but im starting to think that they must be connected.

For me additional symptoms I experienced where days of flu-like feelings, achiness and malaise, as well as days where my eyes would fill with vitreous floaters and I would get rigs down my nails like Beau's lines.

Im not sure if this all has any relevance in some ways as the treatments for AS are pretty hardcore but I cant help wonder if POTS could be secondary to AS in me?

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This makes me so sad. There IS help for sciatica..no matter WHAT is causing it.

I had it for over 20 yrs..and ended up totally disabled..written off by the neurosurgeon and such.

I said a Prayer and pointed to the Yellow Pages and was lead to this most amazing chiropractor.

He does NOT manipulate the vertebraie which in itself can be risky. He uses a finger and B.E.S.T. technique which

BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique.

It releases what is pinched AND it gives you relief!!! Its simple and painless to do. Your body then once released

can correct and return to its normal state. The sublaxation is back in its place..the inflammation resides .

I am a walking talking MIRACLE that this works. AND after 20 yrs of being in pain and disabled I am walking

with no more disc problems.

Look it up.. get relief. Most MDs only know how to PRESCRIBE RX which only covers it up the pain rather than correct it..or get to the source of the pain..then lastly do surgery. This chiropractor is one of a few in our state that uses the BEST technique.

Look it up.. don't suffer if there could be help.



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