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Hi guys!

You know I love you all....which is why I am asking you to please refrain from posting political views on the forum. Politics can make for heated discussions and I don't want flame wars, least of all from our good-hearted gang. There are lots of good forums specifically made for discussing political views, if you feel so inclined.

Best wishes to all,


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thank you...and sorry...all in one breath.

sorry to mis-use the board...b/c i am a guilty party here...i just go nuts over politics i guess. (all the more reason to refrain here, huh?)

and i am sorry for adding to your stress that you had to remove the post etc.

the post started out cute and harmless, but it did get hostile, so it is good that it is gone before things got even more hot!

take care.


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Yeah, I guess it's my fault because it was my post that started the debate. But I was more trying to explain how a guy who is running for president could get my POTS symptoms going, which was pretty funny to me.

Like I said, I don't care who you vote for -- just vote! Apathy is the enemy.


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