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Starting Back On Zoloft Today

Rene S.

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Hi. Well, I took the plunge. Decided to see if Zoloft would help any of my symptoms. I'd been on it in the past. The first two weeks were always so awful. Now taking it for the first time since my diagnosis. Don't know what to expect. Only on 12.5 but I'm so sensitive to everything.

I'd love to hear about your experiences, good or bad. I know the one unfortunate thing is that it will decrease my appetite, something I can't afford to have happen.

How was the adjustment period for those of you on it? I know many people do just fine, but for me, it's the awful speeding sensation that really bothers me. I do take klonopin and have script for ativan which the psychiatrist says I can also take, but I don't want all of those benzos in my body.

Just looking for a little moral support. Not easy doing this alone.

Thank you all so much for being here for me!


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My daughter has been on it for over a year. The only advise I have is eat in the AM then take it. The idea being take it early so it effects your sleep less.

good luck

Thank you, Pat. I know in the beginning it really messed with my sleep. And I'm trying to add more calories because I know it will cause weight loss and I can't afford that!



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It has been one of the few meds I have tolerated relatively well, and I also had the most positive benefits after starting it than I have with any other meds. It helped a lot with my heat intolerance and ANS going into overdrive. Take it slow and give it time. Approach it with a positive attitude, if it starts out negative it is more likely to end negative (with negative side effects due to stress etc.). Give it a chance to work. If this med doesn't work for you then try another. I have went through 20+ trials since my diagnosis a couple of years ago. It is hit and miss. A whole lotta miss sometimes, but you won't know until you give it a good honest try. I also found drs. are easier to work with and more on your side if you are open to trying things. Not blindly of course, but if there is good reason to try something (research that shows it can help). I still haven't taken sleep and pain meds they gave me because I thought it was all too much and wasn't going to solve the problem. Zoloft of course doesn't solve anything, but it can significantly decrease symptoms and in turn increase your quality of life.

Hope that helps!


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