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Hi beala,

I would like to respond to your question but would like to explain the Adderall (in my case) does not directly help with fatigue or brain fog. It is used to help the veins to operate properly, in order, to circulate blood which directly effects the fatigue and brain fog.

Another way to say it is, Adderall helps my veins to do their job more effectively.

I have Ehler-Danlos Syndrome(Hyperjoint Mobility) which causes my POTS.

My veins are not held together by the 'correct' collagen, so they are not able to push the blood through the veins back to the heart, therefore, I have the pooling of blood in the extremities and a heart that is constantly racing. The continual racing heart made me extremely tired all the time. I was not able to do much.

Now that I am taking Adderall XR, I do not have heart palpatations or extreme fatigue. The oxygen gets to my brain so the brain fog is cleared up. :D

Prior to taking Adderall my life was in bed or on the couch. Now, I have the job of reconditioning which has been very difficult and I have push my limits on many occassions and crashed.

You asked how much? It really depends on how much 'your' body needs to get the job done. Some bodies metabolize it faster than others. I was told by my doctor that the starting dose was 40 mg. I am tentative about medication so I asked for 5 mg. He just looked at me and said, 'THat won't do anything." He gave me the 5 mg last March. Since we have 'tweaked' the meds until they give me a 'full' day and do not interfere with my sleep. I take 30 mg at 6:00am...and 20mg at 1:00. I have full and productive days. My 'productive' days are not the same. I have limitations.

I am very thankful that this medicine worked for me. I have been on so many, many, different drugs. Nothing has worked until a specialist realized what the root of the problem was....a collagen/vein problem....the EDS.

Knowing everyone is different...I hope that this long answer, using my experience with Adderall has been of some help. :)

Take care,


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