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Tomorrow Is The Big Day

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Tomorrow I go into the hospital for the 72 hour fast to check for the insulin secreting tumor on the pancreas. I hate fasting. I get sick just fasting over night then having my blood drawn. anyone else feel that way? Ugh. Well I kind of hope they find something and can make me feel somewhat better. I actually came out of a flare up yesterday so I am feeling a bit better, which just totally baffles me! I don't get how I can be deathly sick for 3 or 4 weeks then wake up and it's gone.. geeze. Anyway it's been a stressful week. Had to take my 22 month old in for a catheter today (frequent UTI's). But everything turned out fine! My husband said he would go nuts if he had both of us in the hospital at the same time. Poor guy. He's a police officer so he's trying to adjust his work schedule around all this... anyway i'm rambling on. I will let everyone know how it goes.. have a good week and send a hamburger my way! :):)

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Good luck!

I'll be waiting to hear how it goes. Just imagine it being over whenever it gets hard. Every hour survived is one more hour closer to being done.

Just a note. When I ate for the first time after my hospitalized fast, I got really nauseous and dizzy, so be careful what you eat first - something plain and small might go best after your GI tract has been dormant for several days!

~ Broken_Shell

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Sending you the best, you are blessed to have a good man who will change his schedule around to be with you.

I already posted what mine did to me in another post. :) Try to make the best of it. Treat yourself to your favorite

magazines, buy fun cards and write to people, draw, knit, listen to pod casts or music, do anything fun at this time to

distract yourself. I'll bet that sweet hubby of your's will do it with you. :( You'll be OK, I'm sending you a nice white light

of protection to watch over you and may everything turn out great. Hope to hear how you made out. Take care~

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Best wishes. I will be thinking of you. I also get sick when I fast even for a short time. In fact the first time I got really sick I had been on a 3 day fast. At least you will be at a good place. I agree with broken_shell....go slow.....at first! But once you feel better go for it!! Ha Ha!! Take care, and relax.



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