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I Miss All The Girls That Remember Me

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All those going thru ssdi I know it's hard but stick with it. I just talked to my lawyer and she said she wasn't suppose to tell me but she was trying to get an appeal to add alittle extra info to my case and the Clerk of Courts was wondering why since the Clerk of Courts said the judge is going to pay my claim. So it's like 98% chance. Wish me luck. I've been fighting this for almost 5 yrs.

I'll give you an update if I win.


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WOW...so they let the cat out of the bag..so to speak!!

Yess applying and receiving SSI/SSDI is such a chore and test of patience and perserverance.

I would LOVE to learn about YOUR case and how or why its been denied if you would.

One of the problems when you are under a certain age.. 50 if I remember right..but don't quote me..is that the younger you are the less chance of being approved. They will have to pay more out if you're younger. Did you ever hear that?

I am 60..and am thinking of at least reducing my work hours.. but applying for SSDI I would have to be off working for a long time.. a year?

What are you living on? Or do you have a 2nd income coming in.. I do not. My husband who DID finally get SSDI.. died. So I am on my own.

STay in touch.. I am new here.

Warmly Jan

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Hey Dayna,

I remember you sweetie! Congrats on getting your disability! I got mine on first try, but have been really fighting over Jake's, so understand from that end. Haven't seen you in awhile, but then I'm not here much either. So many new people is right! But good we all have a place to go. morgan

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Weird but today I got the paper saying I was approved on medical disability


CONGRATULATIONS Dayna!!! The end of a long struggle.. gotta love the goverment ...best to you


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