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How To Obtain Ivabradine?

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Ivabradine has not been granted FDA approval so it is not available in the USA. Medication licencing laws are different across the world so there are frequently medications available in one place but not in another - frustrating! Ivabradine is relatively new so it is probably still under consideration by the FDA.

In some countries and in some situations it may be possible for your doctor to obtain non-licenced medications for you. For example Midodrine is not licenced in the UK but my cardiologist was able to arrange a special supply (named patient) from Austria for me.

I would be wary of obtaining medications from online pharmacies as they may not be licenced and regulated like your local pharmacy so you can not be sure of what you are buying.

I hope that your doctor can help you to find a medication combination that works for you.


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My son gets a med for his gut from Canada through his doctor from a reputable pharmacy. You have to pay in advance of course, but your doctor can fax a script and meds not available in the USA are not illegal to get. If a drug is available here, it is illegal to get it from any other country, doctor or not. If your doctor is familiar with the drug, they should know how to get it for you. Of course it would also depend on whether Canada has it. Good luck! morgan

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