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Pregnancy With Pots

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Hey there everyone ;)

Since there is not a whole lot of research on POTS and pregnancy I decided to check in and let you know how my pregnancy went. I saw a high-risk specialist the whole time and stayed on Propranolol and Fludrocortisone. My pregnancy was relatively normal until I got kidney stones in December and then I had complications towards the end.

I woke up the morning of March 1 and made breakfast like every other morning. As the day went on I started feeling more and more strange and I was shocked when I took my blood pressure and it was 190/135. I called my doctor and went straight to the hospital where I had planned to deliver Preston when it was time. They gave me several blood pressure medications and IV fluids which did nothing to help my pressure decrease.

Monday morning it was decided I would be transferred to University Hospital in Cleveland, which is an enourmous hospital that is also connected to Rainbow's Babies and Childrens hospital where they have the best NICU in the area. I was transported by ambulance which was kinda fun and was told upon getting to University Hospital that my labor would be induced because I had severe preeclampsia and left untreated neither Preston nor myself would make it. On Monday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. they put a medicine called Cervadil behind my cervix to try and induce my labor. The actual act of inserting the medicine and subsequent cervix checks was more painful than anything I experienced in the past week. Twelve hours went by with no change so they took out Cervadil #1 and inserted #2 and eventually #3. I was told to expect an emergency c-section on Wednesday because my labor was not progressing at all. In the meantime I was put on complete bedrest and started on a magnesium sulfate IV, which made me totally groggy, weak and disoriented. They also gave me 2 separate steroid shots within 24 hours so that Preston's lungs would be developed. My vital signs were checked every hour and my blood was drawn every 6 hours to make sure things looked okay.

I woke up Wednesday morning and was told that I was dilated 1 1/2 cm. The doctor came in and broke my water and literally within minutes I was feeling very painful contractions. The anesthesiologist came in and gave me an epidural and my husband and I both fell asleep for a little while. I woke up around 10:00 a.m. and felt an overwhelming urge to push. I kept yelling at the nurse to get a doctor in the room because I had to push. She grabbed a midwife who realized that Preston had dropped and his head was right there!

The plan had been to take me into an OR room since there would be more room and they did not really know what to expect from Preston. They kept telling me not to push but it hurt so much that I tried my best not to but kinda did anyway. That was the point at which I think I almost ripped my poor hubby's arm off! I finally just could not keep from pushing anymore and they called a code! They dropped the end of my bed, a huge team of people ran into my room and I pushed my little man out within 5 minutes! I had already been warned that he would have a team of 5 people working on him and so I was not surprised. I've never in my life heard a more beautiful sound than the first cries of my baby boy!!! They put him on my chest and allowed me to hold him for a minute or two before he was taken to the NICU.

I had to stay on complete bedrest for 24 hours after Preston was born and so I couldn't go see him in the NICU until Thursday evening. Fortunately, the steroid shots worked and Preston has been breathing room air since he was born! They had him on lipids through his IV at first, which they explained to me was basically fat. I started pumping breastmilk right away and my milk came in Friday morning. They started feeding him through a bottle and advancing the amount as he tolerated it. By Sunday morning he was throwing full out screaming fits because he was eating what they gave him and still wanting more! They called me this morning and told me that the milk I had dropped off yesterday (8 ounces) he had drank within 12 hours! He has been under lights because he is a little jaundiced but that is not uncommon even in fullterm babies. Preston was transferred from the NICU onto a stepdown unit on Sunday and he is doing great!

My blood pressure is still pretty high, even though they have me on 3 types of heart medications. They say time will help bring it down. I've still been very tired and kinda feeling crappy so honestly I'm glad that they are taking care of my little man until I feel well enough to do so myself. We feel very blessed that things turned out so well

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Wow congrats! New babies are soo much blessing, and soo much work too! I'm sure you have your hands full.

I also had several days of labor after a cervical-insert induction. When I had my daughter, she was full term though. Still, my cervix wouldn't dialate, even with the insert and 2.5 month premature labor, the last two weeks of which were two minutes apart day and night. My OB manually dialated my cervix, manually broke the water, and vaccuum suctioned my daughter's head through. Baby was big and heavy, but no amount of pressure, contractions, or even their chemical inductions to soften the cervix did anything to dialate me. 36 hour hard labor w/2 kinds of induction (plus epi and nobain). But it's all worth it.

I wonder if the cervical dialation problem has something to do with autonomic dysfunction?!

Did anyone else have an "Unfavorable Cervix" diagnosis during delivery? I understand that premature delivery would probably not have a favorable cervix...but ppl who are full term with a big, heavy baby...and still the cervix will neither shorten nor dialate? That sounds like a neuro issue, doesn't it?

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Congratulations!! I wish you and your new addition good health and a quick recovery!

25 years ago I had my first daughter via emergency C-section at 24 weeks because of eclampsia. I actually had the seizures and was critical for 5 days after I delivered her. They didn't think my daughter or I would live. It was great that you were further along and also that you didn't go into the seizures. The doctors gave me "enough mag sulfate to knock out a horse" and it wouldn't stop the seizures. I was unconcious for 5 days so I don't know what the medicine made me feel like. :unsure: Even after I was alert and awake I had to stay still and not be exposed to any stress. Sounds like you have a good team of doctors that are taking good care of you and your son.

My daughter only weighed 1lb 6 oz. and was in the hospital for over a year before we ever brought her home. From the way it sounds your son is doing great and should be home soon.

Take good care of yourself so you will be well rested before your son joins you at home. I'm sure you are so excited and can hardly wait to get him in your arms in your own home.

PM me if you would like to talk more about your experience.

Please keep us all updated on Preston's progress. OH-What did he weigh????

You and your family are in my thoughts,


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Congratulations on your baby boy! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story! I'm so jealous! But you give me courage another child is possible for me!!!! I wish your beautiful new family all the best! (And I wish your husband a new arm!)


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Congratulations on making it through pregnancy and becoming a mother! You are right that there is no data available on the topic of POTS and pregnancy, which is why I encourage you and others to participate in a study, currently in progress, addressing POTS and pregnancy. When you're feeling better and have some free time, please consider filling out a questionnaire. If you are interested, e-mail me at doctorguest@gmail.com.

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So glad to hear you made it through and that you and your baby are OK! I had preeclampsia too, but that was before I developed POTS, then I developed POTS within days of that.

Take care of yourself -- hopefully your husband took some time off or you have family nearby to help. Resting the first few weeks is very important.


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Oh Alicia, we need a picture!!! Congratulations to you and welcome to your little man! Try to enjoy each and every minute. My baby is sixteen and it breaks my heart to think I just have two more years left before he leaves for college. I hope you're feeling much better soon. Something tell me that you're going to need your strength.....



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First of all.. CONGRATULATIONS !!! Preston.. what a powerful name. I hope you wrote down your experience for HIM to appreciate YOU and all you went through. I find your experience amazing. Weren't you scared? How is your BP now? Does it always run high... or only when you were in labor?

Be blessed..little mommy.. kisses to your hubby and oh so precious son..

Warmly, Jan

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